Playing TL with Wiimote!

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Im sorry for posting another idea for a mod, but In Ages got only one answer (thanks Trappski xD) so yesterday I was at a friend's house playing wii, and I was thinking to myself "How come this beautiful thing cant be used on arpgs??"

And then "Eureka", why shall we not create a TL mod that goes well with the wiimote?
Does the TL SDK allow us such a thing?
Do you like the idea?
Do you think it could be implemented on the MMO or Nintendo may be a pain in the **** about copyright issues? TL is a casual game so it fits on wii and wiimote concept...


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    there's a post on here somewhere where somebody asked if runic could make a xbox version and one of the devs said it would just be too expensive and difficult
    so I doubt they could easily make a wii version
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  • eddyeddy Posts: 41
    no, the idea is not to make a wii version, but instead, being able to use wiimote on your pc, on TL
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    I have a friend that made a game for a coding class project that utilized the wiimote, syncing it with the computer through bluetooth. So it is possible to get the wiimote recognized by the computer, but I'm not sure how involved it would be to get it to act the way you want it to with TL.
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    Wouldn't need to do anything with torchlight, everything will be done like how a gamepad can emulate the mouse on one of the analog sticks. You just need to find the software/drivers that will get Windows to recognize the Wiimote Sensor/controller, then bind the mouse buttons onto A, B on the wiimote, 1-4 to the dpad. Sadly I don't know the program or if one even exists, but I know that'll be the way it'll be done.
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    360 wireless controller config for torchlight would be a nice added bonus.
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    On the other hand, if someone handed then big bags of money enough to pay for it they said they would make it for probably any system... or they said something along those lines :-P
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    eddy wrote:
    why shall we not create a TL mod that goes well with the wiimote?

    I highly doubt Wiimote support will be made, but it would be fun to have an action RPG designed for it in the future. I'd buy it for sure.
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  • XanderXander Posts: 410
    Seems more novelty than anything. I think the GUI and controls would have to be drastically altered to accept the new input. This is primarily because the mouse, unlike controllers and even the Wiimote, is precise. Bigger buttons and GUI elements would need to make up for the Wiimote's lack of precision. Besides, I'd have my doubts that the controls would, regardless, be any more intuitive, if not less. The result would probably be slower and inaccurate reactions.
  • cfphelpscfphelps Posts: 33
    Also I think it needs to be defined how one wants the wii mote to function. The way I think would be the coolest (so the way I interpreted it originally) was to have it be like swinging wii-mote = swinging sword, etc. If it was just to be used as a pointing device to take the place of the mouse, then I would say that should be simplier, like was said above, there are drivers to get it to be recognized as a pointing device by Windows, I believe. I think the using it for gestures for sword swings etc. would be a bit much to take on, since it seems like it would alter a lot of the core structure of the game. I suppose you could map a gesture (swinging wiimote) to a mouse click, so that the swing attacks, but then you'd have to worry about aiming, and I guess gestures would be more of a novelty than anything else at this point.
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