How to get Assassin gear for Vanquisher

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Like the topic says I'm trying to see if I can get a proper reply to this. I'm fairly new to this game but since I watched the full gear I got stunned.

Thx for any reply.


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    well there are only 3 ways of getting item X (where "X" stands for an exact item)
    a)killing mobs

    assuming your lifespan is not over 100+ years i wouldnt bet on finishing much.
    gambling seems to be the most effective way but consumes lots of money and work.
    killing mobs does not need much of money but **** load of patience.

    i would go with gambling. and to be exact: horde money like theres no tomorrow and then try gambler. go to Torchlight item datebase ( ) and check for your gear, then write down the levels of all of them (assasin gloves=level something, assasin boots=level something and so on...). then check for its stats(the requairements exactly) and the "gambler icon" (in Torchlight DB when you click on a item it shows the actual item icon and the icon shown when in Gambler store). if an item has like 3 stats requairements (for example: level, dex, str) you need to look for items that have 3 requairements enlisted and the icon displayed from Torchlight DB. and then buy all of items that has the same stats hints in gambler hoping that its the items of your desire. remember that you need to be +/- the same character level that the items you are looking for as the level of Gambler's goods is +/- scaled to your clvl. so if the item is e.g 20 level - try to be around 20 level to.
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  • The fourth way to get item X is just to buy it from the merchant in town. That's how I get lots of good stuff, like the killer gun that just got me through the end boss. Check out the merchant each time you surface and something good will come up. It makes sense to have cash on hand for that moment.
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    best way is to play a vanquisher in easy difficulty with exploding shot
    its easy
    you'll level super fast
    you'll find good items and put them in your shared stash
    then start a new vanquisher and you've got good stuff for her
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