Exploding Shot better to have DPS or Critical Hit?

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I know the answer would be BOTH! But...

I am playing a level 25 Vanq (softcore) focusing on exploding shot and devouring trap i have two unique rifles (and a unique bow) all of which are pretty nice. The problem is one of them does high damage and the other adds a grip to critical damage. I know exploding shot is base don the DPS of the weapon you hold but crits coming up more often seems almost more important. With the higher crit chance weapon I have 35% chance to crit while with the other one i think i do 25%

Here are images of the weapons:

i ask this question because in general i find im a little clueless as how to focus the attacks of my player. right now i rely on devouring trap to weaken enemies and critical chance to devastate the tightly grouped hordes. i can barely take 3-5 direct blows from a normal enemy without dying, so long range killing and running back for cover is crucial.

thanks for any advice


  • I had the same question as you before. My vanq had about a 50% crit rate at level 45ish and i had to choose between shoulders with +crit dmg/crit and a +52 dex enchant. But I found the dex increased my base damage bonus to where it was better overall because the base damage bonus alone will also boost any crit damage for that weapon. And also, I always go for fastest attack speed weapons with knockback to keep large enemies off of you. Even the knockback immune enemies seem to be knocked back during their weapon swing animation, and if you hit them enough times they won't ever be able to hit you. But at lower levels where you can't find all kinds of great gear, go for max DPS weapon, and at level 25 or so +, go for a fastest speed high dps weapon with knockback. But from the ones you posted, I guarantee the 500+ dps weapon will also give you better crit damage and better damage in general since its base damage alone is about 33%ish higher. But Crit is also nice so you might want to put a +4 crit % gem in the socket or boos your crit % skill. Or try putting a few enchants to see what you can get, probably get that tsar cannon to about 700dps easy.
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    rad thanks for the feedback. i had a feeling just from fiddling around that DPS was more useful at this stage. after i posted this i found a decent fastest attack speed rifle doing somthing like 485 damage so i will probably use that so i dont sacrifice so much speed as with the tsar canon. also i should mention i have crit chance and ranged weapons master maxed already and now im just slowly working on devouring trap and exploding shot. i rarely use my seeking shot skill and i wonder if it would be more fun to make a frost/fire build. freeze em, drain their armor and then blow em up!
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    Ihe higher DPs weapon will be better for you.

    If you have a problem survivng, high, consistent damage will be better for keeping mobs off you than a bit more crit. The insane knockback on the weapon will help quite a bit as well.

    As far as I know your weapon's attack speed doesn't matter when you're using skills.
  • I'm not sure my vanquisher would ever get hit at that level with 120 Knockback on a weapon. I'd take it for that alone, but I have STUPID good shoulders (Lovecraftian ones to be precise) for crit.
  • I dunno... I use the Tsar Cannon as my secondary and it's attack speed renders it useless against mobs of stabbies, no matter how far I push them.
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