Request: Eeepc/netbook level, the most hardware saving level

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I read the eeepc/netbook topic and i am just wondering if its possible to make a eeepc/netbook "mod".

I read that its possible to have 20 frames in town, and 1-5 frames in the mines.

So here is my request: Is it possible to make a grey flat level with no extra graphics at all?

Or just anything else thats easy to mod and changes the levels into something ungly, but hardware saving.
Just to see if the leveldesign is consuming to much hardware or not.

The game would still be fun even without the bosses and different levels, since the game mechanics make it fun, not the graphics.

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  • it is possible . . .

    the easiest way i can think of it so crack open all the vanilla levels provided by Runic and delete everything aside from the level pieces themselves (no pretty decorations, lights). wouldn't take that long. then just copy all the modified empty levels overtop of the Runic ones.

    should work?
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    I have an original Eee 701 with a 1gb RAM upgrade, and a CPU overclocked to 933MHz. Using a no-glow mod, setting the resolution to 800x480 and turning on Netbook mode provides quite a playable experience for most of my characters. The Eee does not like summoner alchemists . . .
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    my wife has EeePc and TL runs well on her lap O.o
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  • theres 2 lines of code in the local_settings.txt that improved my performance a bit (though i still want to find a way to replace the lava with a black texture...that lava eats my frame rate for dinner)

    NEARCLIP :0.100000
    FARCLIP :70.000000

    im guessing that this is

    nearclip: the distance that enemies/items are visible
    farclip: the distance that the terrain is visible

    theres also "particle fall off" which i would assume does something similar but i havent mess with it yet.

    it would be nice to get a confirmation on this. :D

    good luck
  • Im playing on my laptop and the only tileset that makes it lag like **** is the lava/magma place...
    The best tileset is the dwarven place. If some1 would be so kind to make a map there. =)
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    This sounds fun, How about a "map" where you teleport to, there's just like 3x3 tile room and like 3 more tile "corridor" at the end of it spawn non textured mobs and they come at you in waves with like a boss at the end of each wave ? Sounds about right what you want no?
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    NEARCLIP :0.100000
    FARCLIP :70.000000

    im guessing that this is

    nearclip: the distance that enemies/items are visible
    farclip: the distance that the terrain is visible
    I'm fairly certain that the nearclip and farclip are related to the frustum. Nearclip means that anything closer is not rendered and the farclip simply means that anything beyond that distance is not rendered. Adjusting these values will impact the size of the frustum and thus the culling of objects will be affected as well.
    Simply put, this determines the bounds in which things are rendered. You might be able to shorten this, but with the camera angle it shouldn't have much of an impact.

    I think the best option would be a full blown mod. The mod would have to adjust particle effects and object textures (isn't there a low-res texture mod?), and then adjust summons by reducing their numbers and making each one more powerful. Spawn rates of enemies would have to be adjusted as well, to reduce the amount of enemies on screen, and like the summons the monsters could be made stronger to compensate for the reduction in quantity.
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