Need some help on Marksman

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Hello guys, this is my first post here, I have been checking these forums for a few days and I like them :)

I started playing the game a few days ago and I really love it. Tried all characters and I like vanq the most. I've dumped like 4 characters because I didn't like them.

I'm almost level 15 on hard and I will stick with this class, but I really have no idea which skills it's best to level as a marksman. I've maxed ranged weapons expertise, have 7 points in ricochet and 4 in crit (I intend maxing those two). When I get 15 I will max exploding shot ASAP. Is that fine? And after that which skills? I'm thinking about adventurer then, not sure about block and parry. I haven't looked that much into other trees yet and any suggestions to which skills are helpful for a marksman are welcome. Which trap should I max?

And what about stat allocation? I read a very shallow guide on vanq and it said 3 dex/2 def on every level. I am willing to install mods that reset stats/skills if I messed up my character.

Thanks in advance!


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    one point in wind of justice and hamstring can be very useful. Devouring trap is also very nice.
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    What about stat allocation?

    Here's my current character:

    I've only added skill points to the marksman tree.

    I currently have 2 summoning spells on my pet because I don't wanna bother summoning minions myself all the time - will that be fine when I get to higher levels?
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    Thanks for the thorough replies and all the help, I no longer need anything.
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