Best way to get more mana at higher levels?

ItsapaulItsapaul Posts: 45
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Maybe I just needed to get the mana regen skill, but towards the end of the normal dungeon on hard, I was running out of mana like crazy. I didn't see that it was attached to the magic stat, so is the only way to get more mana than what your class gives you +mana equipment?


  • RaskolRaskol Posts: 21
    The only way to get more mana is through gear, but if you invest points in the "advanced spellcasting" skill it will give you mana regen, which will help quite a bit.
  • Yeah thats what I figured. I never ran out of mana on my alchemist but I put points in it to try and see if I could effectively use 0 mana, so I'm sure it'd work for vanquishers too. **** that I will have to lose adventurer or something, but w/e.
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