New TorchED build is up ( 01/11/10)

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build (01/11/10)

Patch Notes:
-Fixed unit skill panel always setting skill levels to 1 if they were 0
-Fixed base file and resource dirs not being properly made relative when modding in the unit editors
-Fixed the icon selector when modding
-Fixed [AFFIXES] blocks not appearing on skill level blocks in the skills editor (oops..broke that in the last patch)
-Skill and Quest editors are now sortable by skill/quest name.
-Fixed crash when editing stat watchers on units
-Fixed deleted monsters becoming visible again.
-Animation editor now hows a check list filter for limiting which types of animation keys are displayed.
-Fixed monsters' equipment not being displayed on monster objects in the editor
-Layouts are now auto-backed up at a default interval of every 10 minutes and just before switching to in-game mode.
These get saved to %appdata%\runic games\torchlight\torched
-You can now load the current backup for a scene though the File->Load Backup menu option
-Fixed sound bank file references not being mod friendy
-Added "Collision Radius" control to monster, player, and prop editors
-Added "Collision Mesh" control to monster, player, and prop editors
-Item editor Affix control now lists affixes in mods when modifying the list of affixes

[The following still requires a new game build to work in the actual game but are in the editor]
-Passive skills now pay attention to the skill equipment requirements
-PERCENT BLIND effect added.



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    Wooo ty!
    "And so the endless cycle of life comes to an end - meaningless and grim. Why did they live and why did they die? No reason. . ."
  • Thanks Greg!

    I was just getting used to all of those idiosyncrasies. ;)
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    Just noticed in a layout I have open now something similar to the deleted monster fix. I'm running the version released today and heres what I see: the ghost of a monster that is currently in my layout. I never deleted it but I think where the ghost is might be where it was originally placed when I added it. I also noticed that I can only see the ghost if the active monster is visible. If I pan the camera so the monster is no longer on screen the ghost disappears. Don't know if this is a bug or was the intended fix. Any who, doesn't bother me much since it's barely visible and is a lot better than having a giant frozen deleted root golem hanging out in the middle of my layout, just thought I'd mention it. :mrgreen:

    I've always been a fan of visuals so here ya go:

    Edit: Deleted monsters becoming visible again as well.
    "And so the endless cycle of life comes to an end - meaningless and grim. Why did they live and why did they die? No reason. . ."
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    Wooooo the back up sure did just come in handy! Hadn't saved in like an hour, selected multiple groups in my assets window and boom crash. Yay for auto backup. :D

    Edit: Should note for any one else who might need to load a backup, make sure you immediately Save As-> then point back to your original file. I'm a dumby and kept working on it for an hour or so and just clicking save thinking it was saving to my folder and not the backup. Then I ended up starting a new layout which after 10 minutes ended up wiping the old back up.
    "And so the endless cycle of life comes to an end - meaningless and grim. Why did they live and why did they die? No reason. . ."
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    I've been playing with PERCENT BLIND a bit, and so far it seems to behave oddly in TorchED itself. Is that supposed to happen (as in the editor requires the new build of the game to implement the skills properly itself)?

    'Cause right now, in the editor, if I attempt to use a 100% Blinding skill on an enemy, it doesn't stop chasing me unless it's Stunned as well. Then the aggro seems to reset.

    The problem is that the Blindness doesn't appear to last at all: if I move within the enemy's aggro radius again, it's back to chasing me instantly.

    And while I'm asking questions, is there a way to SET VISIBLE dynamically via a skill to make the player invisible? I've been playing with that too, but it's not doing anything despite the tooltip indicating that it should.
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