Plateau for Fame and Experience?

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I am at level 54 in the Shadow Vault and my fame and experience seem to be stuck. I have swept through 2 floors and neither my fame or experience will move to earn me a new level. When I check my stat sheet, my fame and experience stay at the same numbers, but I am killing everything in site. Do I need to be more patient? Or is this a bug? Thanking you in advance for any insight.


  • jamesLjamesL Posts: 3,568
    MsMorgan wrote:
    I am at level 54 in the Shadow Vault...
    do you mean floor 54 ?

    what's your char level ?
    max char level is 100, so you won't gain any xp after that
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  • I assume that you are on floor 54 as the above poster said. If you want you could install this mod which raises the max level to 999.
    - Kilgannon
  • So sorry for not giving more info previously, yes I am at 100 XP and 55 fame. Thanks for the mod. Greatly appreciated
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