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And Idk How To Make Modes And Stuff It Confuses Me :(
So If Any1 Has Time Or Want To Help Me
Can You Guys Make
-Alchemist Purple Colors Into White
-Poison Swords Effects Green To Purple
-Make Me A Pet Crawler :) Tat Shoots Lasers Like A Golem (its those robot spiders when ur in the Dwarf Fortress)
-And Golem Eyes Green To White Like A Flashlight ;D To See In Dark Spaces

And Post The Download Page Here :)

I Would Really Appreciate It If You Do


  • Thanks....
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    Other Ideas
    - Keys can be configured like Maple Story
    - More Magic Scroll Slots: 8 for Player [Scroll] & 4 for Pet
    - 4 Weapon Sets

    Throwing Weapons
    Build a weapon that the character holds in there hand and fires the weapon. For example, Character holding a knife and knife is thrown, knife disappears in character's hands and reappears after weapon hits.
    - Certain throwing weapons reload/hit faster allowing faster attacks
    - Exploding, detonating or continuing damage
    - Mine, Grenade, Trap throwing knifes
    - Throw a ally like your pet, small enemy or summoned ally

    For One-use Scrolls or can be permanent
    - Scrolls decrease cool down [over time, as a skill], avoid cool down [a period of time]
    - Scrolls that reveal what the Gamble Merchant is selling
    - Scrolls that can be used more than once [Example: Large Town Scroll can be used x5, Small can be used x2]
    - Scrolls that enhance Speed overall [Fast casting, walking, melee, recover, cool down]
    - Vacuum Scroll [Picks up items as you walk]
    - Time scrolls [Stop enemy & slow enemy]
    - Scrolls that puts all the monsters in one place or kills all monsters
    - Scroll that teleports Player to nearest stairs that go to next level
    - Scroll that adds traits to weapons, armor or accessory [Purple] [Example: Set Graven's Amassment = Graven's Leather glove: 2 pieces +5 Fire, Graven's Leather Boots: 1 pieces +5 Thunder]
    - Scrolls that can that allow you to use shops from dungeon without teleporting to them
    - Scrolls that do the same thing as jems
    - Scrolls that add Sockets
    - Scrolls that can separate Jems from Weapons without destroying either [Cost a lot of money]
    - Scrolls that command your pet to put items in stash and a scroll that allows you to access your stash
    - Scrolls that enhance objects to next level or higher[Example: Turn Potion into Grand Potion]
    - Scrolls that duplicate objects and all there traits
    - Scrolls that copy the enhancing traits from one object and allows you to put in another [Example: Ring: 25% Gold find, +5 Fire & +5 Ice > Necklace: +5 Poison, +50 Damage, 25% Gold Find, +5 Fire & +5 Ice ]
    - Scroll that deletes all enhancements [Sometimes I just want a normal Weapon]
    - Scroll that teleports you to a few feet before Quest location [Quest items, boss battles, etc]
    - Scrolls that allow player to turn items into another item and can also be a permanent scroll [Example: Turn any item into Healing Potion, Dog Fish, etc]
    - Scroll that creates random items from items, but keep it in the same category [Gun to Bone Gun]
    - Scroll that randomly or not randomly adds 1 - 5 more of the same item [1 Catfish to 4 Catfish]

    For scrolls like Healing All IV, Identity Scroll or Dervish Scroll that goes in 1 of 4 slots
    - Double Pets [A second pet is summoned]
    - Dispel [Turns off all magic enhances & summons]
    - A scroll that allows you to dual wield 2 hand weapons
    - Instant fish catch or Multiple fish catch
    - Passive Scrolls that increase things like stats, drop rate, makes "Goren" never miss up, range, effects, buffs, etc]

    Pet Ideas
    A Third Pet
    Lynx for the Vanisher, Wolf for the Destroyer and Owl for the Alchemist
    [Note: You can create a item that turns the pet into a Permanent Owl without having to start over call it "Flying Fish"]
    [Note: "Cat", "Dog" & "Bird"]

    Alternative/Level Up Pet
    Lynx > Panther > Tiger Lion [Google it]
    Wolf > Belgian > American Pit Bull > Doberman Pinscher
    Masked Owl > Griffon Vulture > Wedge-tailed Eagle
    [Note: Items can be use to evolve Pets permanently]

    Equipment Set Change
    Basically allows you to change your Helmet, Body Armor & etc to a different set and back again like with weapon set. There can be 2 and leave the Weapon Sets to 2 or have the sets for the equipment set have a separate button and allow 4 equipment sets.

    Dying Mode
    Instead of dying and A ****/Arch Angel mode is enabled.
    - If Health Points are at a certain percentage the Mode is enabled until Health is regain back
    - Magic is unable to use
    - ****/Arch Angel Moves use a certain percentage of the magic [1 - 10%, 2 - 40%, 3-90%]

    Each Job has a ****/Arch Angel Moves:
    Vanisher [1] Piercing Light: A homing arrow is sent to every enemy cause KO
    [2] Heaven's Love: ****/Arch mode time is increased
    [3] Scathing Ghost: Move quickly through enemies causing massive damage

    Destroyer [2] Banshee's Wrath: Makes all enemies on the floor disappear
    [1] Untamed Lion's Roar: KO anything in sounds path[v or II]
    [3] Possession: Take control of an enemy for a short amount of time which nulls ****/Arch mode time

    Alchemist [3] Superior Trade: Give all allies including pet the ****/Arch Angel Mode
    [1] The First Order: Use Fire, Ice & Lightning in it's ultimate form to destroy enemies
    [2] Ultima: A light renders all enemies on a floor stunned forever and brings there Health to 1
    Funny this is like dangling meat in front of lions
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    guys there is a third pet a ferret
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