My Alchemist.

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Name: Fang
Pet: Ferret (Sky)
Weapon: Dual Pistols (Why? More Steampunk)

Clockwork Golem max
Clockwork Beam Golem max
Dual Expertise max
Range Expertise max
Armor Expertise max

High DEX
Low:e MAG
Med: DEF

Basically I went as steampunk as I could get with this one.


  • gapgap Posts: 165
    Sounds like fun, im currently trying just about every combination of alchemist out there. I have done a few summoners and started 2 battle mages, one staff and one sword/shield. You can be sure this one is on my list now too. Keep us posted on strategies.

    ARRRGGGHHHH....please stop the "quote tag" eyes, the goggles do nothing!
  • aekakuaekaku Posts: 21
    okey here we goes
    name : Alchemielycal
    pet : elemental (poison)
    lvl : 68

    weapon :
    epic magnus (staff) (weapon set - enchant)
    ornate rapier (weapon pack - enchant)
    obsidian shield (weapon pack - enchant)

    skills (main build):
    golem max
    beam golem max
    melee expertise max
    ember sentry max
    imp max
    pet mastery max
    armor expertise max
    critical max
    ember strike max
    adventurer max
    dual wield expertise max
    ember phase max

    add :
    not sure, looking forward

    stats (current):
    80 strengths
    10 dex
    150 magic
    100 defence

    resistance : (not sure)

    am using magic wep when normal condition (not much enemy)
    using sword and shield when condition red (HORDE stands right beside me, around 3 champ)
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