AutoFisher tool

deogodeogo Posts: 4
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The script allow you to be free from fishing (take a break)

How to use:
Start the game
Run the script exe (icon will appear in tray)
Place character near fish hole
Use Alt+X to start script
Hover mouse over fish hole and press right mouse button

Use Alt+R to reset script without exit

! May not work on resolutions lower than 1024x768
!! May not work in fullscreen mode
some antiviruses may be angry on this exe, because it take control of mouse, - add it to exclusion

get it here:


  • deogodeogo Posts: 4
    move it to mod showcase plz
  • TormakSaberTormakSaber Posts: 536
    What exactly does this script do? Understandably I am a bit leery of something that will set off my AV and takes control of my mouse.
  • deogodeogo Posts: 4
    it exactly do fishing for you, nothing more :)
    if you afraid something, just avoid it
  • SarosSaros Posts: 101
    Any chance of a re-up? The link seems to have expired.
  • macevindumacevindu Posts: 1
    Hey guys!
    Can someone reupload this tool? the link is broken:(
    Its my last achievment before 100%

    Thank you!
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