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Greetings all,

Currently working on a MOD based on a novel I'm writing but I want to split the characters skills more in line with my book's world; custom classes and skills, meaning there should be 5 paths instead of 3 as in currently. Can you add more skill tabs, if it is possible, how would you go about it.

I'm not too bad at modding but a beginner definately, still learning on making maps, but I have no idea where to begin with this. Thanks in advance.



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    I would be surprised if this is possible. I tried adding tabs to the Stash to match the tabs that vendors have (weapons, armor, misc), and found that it's one of the features that is hard coded in the game engine, and not moddable. I would bet that it's the same way with skill tabs.

    However, you could consider using the rows of skill trees as your different paths, and use the tabs to differentiate levels of skills. You only get up to 9 skills per path this way, but with 6 rows that's not such a bad bargain.
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    If your going to work on adding tabs can you add
    - Passive Scrolls that increase things like stats, drop rate, makes "Goren" never miss up, range, effects, buffs, etc
    - 4 Weapon Sets instead of 2
    - More Magic Scroll Slots: 8 for Player [Scroll] & 4 for Pet
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