Prop retaining collision when animated

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I'm simply using some props to make my own gate, but I'm coming to an issue where if they are not baked in or they will not retain collision. However if i bake the prop in they do not animate.

My goal is a large closing gate and currently all gates that can be pulled up through unit triggers are not large enough and i can only scale them on Y and Z. They will not accept an alternate X input.

I'm going to try a layout link (i'm unfamiliar with how i properly do this) to spawn a closed gate after the animation finishes.
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    So just to be clear, are you setting this up in layout that will be used again later? Then, when adding the layout as a Layout Link or Layout Link Timeline to another level, the collisions don't work?
  • I'm just NOW trying the layout link

    The basic issue is i need to be able to pass through my prop created gate while its 'open' and then trigger it to close in order to stop enemies from passing through. The props wont have any collision (even when enabled) if they are not baked on the map. The props will not animate if baked to the map. This causes them to not have collision when i close them.

    I have looked for a way to activate collision of a prop through the logic group and i cannot find a way. I have tried hiding a gate that is in the way and activating it when the gate but again without a means to activate the collision through a trigger in the logic group they retain collision even if hidden and i cant activate the gate to close. (yay for stuck on nothing)

    I'm unfamiliar with the mechanics of Layout links and I'm trying to spawn a closed gate after triggering the gate animation by activating a layout with the gate in the proper place. What happening is that the layout link doesn't seem to change at all when being run in the editor play test. So when i set the gate as hidden and not enabled and then tell the layout link to activate it while in the editor i get no results and again if i show the gates in the way they have collision and i cant get by them to activate the trigger (to activate the collision.

    I'm thinking I need to do a play test loaded through torchlight and not the editor. This just proves how uneducated I am on the mechanics of the layout links. I don't think they activated in torched because you are editing them.

    If someone could either briefly educate me on how the layout link works, or tell me some way to spawn/activate a collision box after or during my animation.
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  • If anyone can explain how the layout link works i would be very grateful.
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    "food is always has, time and place" -noah lape-
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    The best way to secure your gate is by using a property node set to type "path node occupation box" and size it to your gate. Then using a timeline, set it to be disabled when the gate is up, and enabled when the gate is down. The path node occupation box will prevent anything moving through that area your gate is in when it is enabled, and allow you to pass through it when it is disabled.
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