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    Phanjam wrote:
    downloaded and will play this now :) thanks for ALL this EFFORT Ehb!

    You're very welcome! v2.1 uploaded, fixes a bug with the lectern in the graveyard not working.

    Emberfiend 2.1
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    EDIT: Cut that...I just saw, that you need to have special stuff to use the Lectern...derp..
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    Hey Ehb, maybe we can mention in this thread too that there's an online manual for the mod as well, on workflowy :)
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    Yep, Phanjam, it's on the first post already :) Thanks again!

    Released a hotfix, Emberfiend 2.2, addressing an issue with Emberfiend possibly not appearing and Magic Dust not transmuting! Cheers!

    Emberfiend 2.2
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    Emberfiend 2.3 has been updated!


    Here ya go, at last! There are some NPC's/quests that I plan on putting in to give more variety to the available quests for a bloodstone reward. The stash in Lower Torchlight is gone (take your stuff out of it if it's there!) to be added in a different layout when I can.

    +Added Deephaven, Library, Moondance Temple, Caverns, and new Taverns.
    +Lower Torchlight has undergone another overhaul, correcting several issues and adding a few things.
    +Added waypoint portal to Lower Torchlight
    +Added randomly generated companions within Taverns.
    +Improved enchanting so that specific UNIQUES can now be crafted with Astral Dust.
    +Added new feature to the Alchemy Table that lets a player turn Bloodstone (new resource) into a random socketable.
    +Changed look and feel of the Alchemy Table
    +Altered companions stats to make them more durable.
    +New icon for Bags of Coal, courtesy of Phanjam!
    +Red and Green Syl textures for the new Sorceress and Druid companions.
    +Some unit pathing in Lower Torchlight added!
    +Additional companions are now visible on different main menu screens!

    -Updated quests so passives function properly.
    -Removed and consolidated quest files and merged layouts.
    -Removed extra files that were no longer valid
    -Changed some visible elements on the map, so that some of the new area maps don't look so odd.
    -Added wand recipe that was previously missing.
    -Town Portals no longer show up in Lower Torchlight by the bridge to the crypt area.
    -Updated the Ancient Stone quest so the stone can be found in Upper Wilds.
    -Altered the Ancient Stone and Postman Troll quest so
    -Fixed the Deepmines so that it is now randomly generated on entry, as intended.

    Please take these precautions if updating from a previous version of Emberfiend:

    Quite a bit has been altered with this release, and in order to be safe with your character's save file please take
    the following precautionary steps:
    -Take anything out of the stash in Lower Torchlight, because it's gone!
    -Disband Wheeze at the Tavern, because he's just an NPC now and not a companion!
    that they should be less incompatible with one another.
    -Don't log out inside of the original Tavern or Lower Torchlight because those entire layouts have been replaced!
    -If you have any quests in your log from Emberfiend 2.2 or before, abandon them if possible.

    Enjoy the current build, there are some specific areas that I would really like feedback on:

    -I was able to make Deepmines crash on entry with one of my playtest characters. I believe to have fixed the issue, but if this happens to someone please try and let me know exactly how you created the problem.

    -Are companions not tough enough, too tough, or need anything?

    -I did not playtest several companions with the Alchemist, please report if there are any pet issues when traveling with a large party.
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    Some notes about the new companions:

    The companions are found inside the Taverns. The Tavern in Torchlight offers human companions:
    Tough Miner, Miner Guard, Sorceress, Brawler, and Spearman

    The Tavern in Lower Torchlight offers monster companions:
    Ratlin Miner, Mechcrawler, Goblin Bruiser, Dwarf Mercenary

    The Moondance Temple dungeon in Upper Wilds has the Goblin Priest at Floor 2.

    The Hidden Cave dungeon in Lower Torchlight has the Druid on Floor 2.

    Alternatively, you can find the Goblin Bruiser and the Goblin Adventurer in Deephaven.

    If you have not entered the right level of the Main dungeon, companions won't talk to you in the Tavern. The unlocks are as follows:

    Tough Miner - Available on start
    Miner Guard - Available on start
    Ratlin Miner - Available on start
    Druid - Available on start, at Floor 2 of the Hidden Cave
    Goblin Priest - Available on start, at Floor 2 of the Moondance Temple
    Brawler - Defeat the 1st boss
    Spearman - Defeat the 1st boss
    Sorceress - Enter Crypt
    Goblin Adventurer - Enter Sunken Temple
    Mech Crawler - Enter Fortress
    Dwarf Mercenary - Enter Fortress
    Goblin Bruiser - Enter Lava

    Emberfiend - Postman questline
    Oblog - Postman questline
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    Congratulations Ehb! Looks like a great update to an already great mod :) downloading now
  • I'm running in to a bug. I'm new to the game (got it a few hours ago) and also new to the mod (obviously) but GOG had it in its recommended list and it seemed like a really great mod so I went ahead and downloaded it/installed it. I'm using GenderMod2, MerchantPack and Emberfiend 2.3 but I'm running in to a game breaking bug.

    First I accidentally touched the ancient stone, didn't know what it was, and my game acted like it was going in to a cut scene then locked up; sort of. I could still access my inventory, I could still move my cursor around, my dog was frolicking about, I could access every little in game menu but not the actual menu nor could I move. And it stayed that way until I closed the task and reopened the game. Then I tried to mine some ember in Lower Torchlight, I do have a pickaxe, and the exact same thing happened.

    Any ideas what's going on? Has this happened to anyone else or is it maybe an incompatibility with the MerchantPack?

    Any feedback would be much appreciated and I apologize if this question has been asked before. Mod seems great, I just can't get around this bug.

    EDIT: It also happened when I was attacked in lower Torchlight, the game froze up in the same way (cutscene-esque with a small black line on the top and bottom of the screen.) told me I was low on health, then proceeded to let them beat on me until I died but would not let me drink a health potion or move. So far the glitch seems quarantined to lower Torchlight, I'll try to see if it happens elsewhere at any point in time.

    EDIT2: Oh I, oh. Found out from one other person with the same problem on the other forum that it's related to the gender mod. Seems odd since the executioner is more or less just a reskinned alchemist. I assume there's just a problem with it not having an animation to do said things. Wish I had some experience with the tools thus far, maybe if I figure it out later I'll post a fix for it on the other forum page. ;)
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