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I hope that everyone here agrees that Matt Uelmen is a genius, you cannot imagine how happy I am because Torchlight's music was composed by Matt! Being a game music collector I just love all his work and it will be a great shame if Runic will not release the soundtrack of Torchlight as a CD, or at least as digital download. Matt is a great, great artist and deserves all our appreciation!


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    Matt is indeed an amazing musician and composer and I've been a fan since Diablo 1 was released many moons ago! He's also one of the nicest people to talk to and shares his enthusiasm for music and games in general. I had the pleasure of chatting with him on Livestream for a couple hours and it was the highlight of the year I think! :D They may or may not release a Collector's Boxed set, but if they would certainly highlight Matt's amazing efforts with this game!
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    Yup. Having Matt Uelmen do the music has made this game that much better for me. It really sets that Diablo mood, which is pretty significant in a game whose genre is defined by Diablo, hehe.

    Matt better be doing the music for the Torchlight MMO or I'm gonna /wrists. lol
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    The music in this game is from another world.

    Thats how good it is!
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    This is one of the rare games where I actually listen to its music rather than my own :D.
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  • You guys probably already know, but the music is very easy to get to, Torchlight/music folder, all in .ogg format. Nice and easy, and should be easy to mod in some of our own music if we ever want to.
  • I know, and I am glad its so easy to listen to it, but I definitely want a CD quality!
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    Dominus wrote:
    I know, and I am glad its so easy to listen to it, but I definitely want a CD quality!

    The files in the music folder are 350 kbit/s VBR OGGs. If you can identify any difference between that and a CD, you're a superhuman!
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    Selling a CD with booklet would mean that he could get more money for a real orchestra, what he wishes according to the recent interviews :D
    I really love the music i've listened to so far, when I listened the first piece, while the game was dl'ing from steam, it felt like the good 'ole days of Diablo playing ;)
    The atmosphere created by the music is just unbelievable, I just wish it would be more than 40 minutes :D
    I also appreciate that he recently gave 2 lengthy interviews, i really liked to read them, thank you very much matt, keep up the good work!
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    I was afraid the music was going to be a little too Diablo like for Torchlight, but Matt hit the right spot, while holding true to the art style but the darkness of the game. I love it, thanks a bunch Runic.
  • I couldn't agree more, the music in Torchlight has greatly increased my view of the game in a positive way. Keep up the great work!
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    release it on iTunes, i'd buy it! ;)
    would fit well in my collection of Matt Uelmens releases. :)

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    Matt Uelman's name in the credits was one of my major motivators for buying the game. You know, besides its being awesome. I think the music in Torchlight is quite grand, but its effect is lessened ingame by the ambient sound levels. As soon as the editor's released, I'm modding those pesky .DAT.adm files no make it less or none - that way I can crank up the battle sounds and the music, without being deafened by crickets and dripping.

    I've been listening to the ogg files and there's so much more to the music that I never noticed ingame.
    ... does anyone else get Tristram stuck in their head after a session of Torchlight?
  • lorddaxlorddax Posts: 57
    I'd buy the album on iTunes too!
    Something useful will end up here soon.
  • i couldnt agree more, tyristam's theme it's already hardprinted into my brain, so after a session of torchlight it definetively gets stuck again on my head.

    i probably wouldnt buy an electronic CD unless it's the only option... there's a considerable amount of difference between a digital compressed version of a song to a CD, for those not listening on the computer or a mini component system .. would love to se an SACD or Superbit version of it i probably wouldnt hesistate to buy, but it's extremely unlikely

    grats to Matt again for an awesome soundtrack
  • Agreed Matt Uelman is a musical genius and he only adds to a game for the better. Like the original themes from Diablo and Diablo II, the theme in Torchlight is magical, mesmorising and captivating. Here is my appreciation, cheers :)
  • I liked the music of the first Diablo best.
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    I believe something is in the works.
  • nm, somebody already said this :/
  • Didn't quite like D2's OST but this is great.
    Echo2 wrote:
    This is one of the rare games where I actually listen to its music rather than my own :D.
    Very true. Same way with D1.
  • liquidliquid Posts: 117
    RevengeInk wrote:
    I believe something is in the works.
    Fantastic. I'd love to buy it as a CD or better yet - FLAC/V0 mp3 rip from your site.
  • Orakk wrote:
    The music in this game is from another world.

    Thats how good it is!

    Actually I dont recall "Another World"'s music being anything like this. Though the game play was fantastic, even if it was for SNES. I like this music much better personally.
  • Great music here Matt, as usual :D
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    I KNEW the musical style sounded familiar!
  • nunixnunix Posts: 68
    Furyhunter wrote:
    I KNEW the musical style sounded familiar!

    Heh, not just similar, "Mines" seems to be a straight re-arrangement of a D2 piece (I didn't play enough D2 to be able to identify what, but I want to say maybe the overworld theme in Act I?). Haven't gotten far enough in the game to pick out anything else.
  • If you want to listen to the files on your computer, there located in: C:\Program Files\Runic Games\Torchlight\music
    There in .ogg file type, but there ways to convert these or listen to them.
  • Did anyone notice Scriabin's 3rd piano sonata played very slowly in the "cavern" part of the game?

    I also just listened to Sibelius' The Swan of Tuonela and the opening sounds remarkably similar to the town theme from the Diablo 2 expansion. ... 15&index=6

    Has anyone caught other musical quotations in Torchlight?
  • Ellman wrote:
    Did anyone notice Scriabin's 3rd piano sonata played very slowly in the "cavern" part of the game?

    "OSV: I definitely am. About that classical thing, you’ve been known to work in familiar pieces of classical music into some of your compositions in the past. What can you tell us about these instances, and can we expect to hear anything similar in Torchlight?

    Uelmen: Absolutely, I may use an arrangement of the opening theme from Verdi’s “La Traviata” for the title theme - it is kind of on the bubble as of this weekend - and I am definitely using a couple of different pieces from Scriabin, whose approach to music was really unique and fascinating.

    OSV: For those of us who are less versed in Scribian, can you tell us where we can expect to hear these references?

    Uelmen: Sure, the main thing I’m referencing stands out in the soundtrack in the “Caverns” track. I actually did a relatively straight take on it from the original piano version, whereas I often prefer to put things in a much different voicing, like the Chopin material I arranged for the Diablo “Coda” piece and “Honor Hold” for WoW."
  • Ellman wrote:
    Did anyone notice Scriabin's 3rd piano sonata played very slowly in the "cavern" part of the game? ..

    Thank you for the link, somedays ago i copied the torchlight cavern file on my mp3 player :), just ask me who wrote the song.. and found this thread. all questions cleared. great community and game music.

    greetings sero
  • My first thought upon starting the game my first time around was "Diablo (2)?" upon hearing the tunes.
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