Heaven-vs-**** Theme

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I think a Heaven-vs-**** game theme would be very cool. For now I can't see any compelling reason to play for the Demon Horde, so you'd just play for the Heavenly side and the only class is "Angel".

This class would level through the traditional Judeo-Christian hierarchy of angels namely (from lowest to highest):
* Angels
* Archangels
* Principalities
* Powers
* Virtues
* Dominions
* Thrones
* Cherubim
* Seraphim

You should be able to choose a male or female Angel of course.

Demons would have to be re-designed. The composition of opponents on a level could be a boss that can bring up minion demons at a certain rate and of certain types depending on the level. Find and kill the boss to win the level.

The weapons would have to be re-designed as well as skills re-designed or re-mashed and amped. The combat and skill effects should be a feast for the eyes; really over-the-top to fit the supernatural combatants.

For level design I think going for the look/feel of Hellgate London (screenshots http://goo.gl/9HlN) would be a good idea, so some new tile-sets would be needed. But that's just a personal preference on my part - it can be something else.

For game design, I think you can do some interesting things with the idea of "saving souls" - even what remains of the "souls" of demons. Could you use it in place of "exp" for leveling over the long-term? as a power-up for some temporary but hugely terrible power?

There's probably more needed to make this idea playable, but this is all I have for now :idea:


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    Check this game out then.
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    hey that looks very cool and I signed up for the newsletter. Thanks for the pointer Zidders!
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    NP, it looks cool and looks like it will be very tongue in cheek.
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    Yeah, that's one thing I'll be waiting to see how the game handles - the cheekiness that is.

    Myself, I'm partial to having a Heaven-**** game be kinda dark :twisted: but I'm excited that this is coming out
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    Thanks WalterArcher! If the message you're referring to is about being on the side of good to win over evil, I guess it does sort of promote that.
    Myself, I've just always been fascinated with the idea that Angels, who are so characterized by gentleness and kindness, might actually have to fight to serve good and might actually be darn good at it!
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