Weapon requirements.

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Hello all!
Does anyone know anything about calculating of weapon requirements?
I think that there is some formula. I understand why melee weapon requires strength. For every warrior the most of the damage is on the weapon, and strength is only an additional %. Thats why without the requirement to strength anyone could inflict high damage by taking the good weapon. But I do not understand why it requires dexterity. The situation is similar to Diablo 2 and I just can not understand it. Maybe someone has ideas?


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    Pretty much all weapons and armour pieces have three versions that use the same appearance (same icon, same model, etc.). Their names do differ, and some of the stats. Among these the requirements, usually with a pattern.
    For example, you may have a type of weapon where version A always has a 110 strength modifier, B has a 75 strength and 25 dexterity modifier, and C has a 75 strength and 25 magic modifier.

    That's from an in-game point of view. From a more realistic point of view, a weapon might require dexterity because it requires a certain amount of finesse to use. You mentioned Diablo II. What you see in Diablo II is that bows and crossbows mostly use dexterity, but also some strength since pulling the bowstring on a huge bow or lugging around a gigantic crossbow is not a task taken lightly. When looking at the melee weapons, you'll actually note that the maces require almost no dexterity, all strength. Some require a little dexterity (though only about forty for elites), and the only one that requires decent dexterity is the ball & chain type weapon (Flail, Knout, Scourge). Quite understandable since using such a weapon effectively requires a bit more technique than "smash, kill!"
    Axes are close to the same. They use a bit more dexterity, but not much. Of the normal axes actually only two require any dexterity at all. Swords require a decent bit of dexterity, because they are not as much simple cleave cleave with full force like axes are, and require more technique than axes and maces. I guess that's why things like fencing exist but we don't really have equivalents for axe and maxe fighting :P
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    Velari wrote:
    That's from an in-game point of view. From a more realistic point of view...
    Hi, thanks for the reply.
    From the standpoint of realism, everything is easy to justify. But it is not clear how to make your own mod with alot of balanced weapon in the damage and in the requirements. To do this, you need to know some formula, or have some kind of graphics of possible character development. I'm just hoping that someone will tell where to find such things. But most likely this information is only for developers, and I doubt that they will tell ... although in their place I would tell =) Curiously, they read it?=)
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    They don't have to tell. You can gleam it from the editor just fine ;)
    The base stat requirements for an item are taken from the relevant stat lines, being:

    And that value is then modified by whatever modifier is entered in the items .dat file under the requirements section (or the <INTEGER>[statname]_REQUIRED lines).
    If there's no modifier for a certain stat entered, the item will not require any points in said stat. Well, except for character level required, but you can just enter 0 if you don't want a level requirement.
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    The level required is usually determined by the "<INTEGER>LEVEL:" line, which also determines the item's level (used to determine where it drops, enchantments etc.), but yes, the "<INTEGER>LEVEL_REQUIRED:" line will override the required level only.

    In the editor those would be "Item_Level" and "Item_Level_Required" respectively.
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    As far as I can see in TorchED, items don't follow a formula to determine requirement levels, they are manually defined.
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