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I am trying to create a campaign but had a couple of problems so far. My chunks crash the first time they are loaded up during gameplay. Everything runs smoothly if the .adm and .cmp files are already there but the levels just crash as soon as the player gets close to new chunks in a level the first time after the .adm and .cmp have been removed.

The level i am mentioning only has four chunks, which i would say is reasonable and not too demanding. There are no props yet so the resource requirement is very basic at this point.

Is there some workaround to this or is there a hint or tip you could give me to solve this issue?
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    can you be more specific?

    have you created a custom dungeon or are you crashing in normal play?
    do your chunks show up in normal play, or are they named to be specific to your dungeon?
    do you have any spawners, triggers etcetera on your chunks?
    what chunk type is crashing?
    have you made a portal that loads with only your chunks?
    do other chunks - say from a separate mod - crash if you delete their .cmp and .adm files?

    would you mind posting up your mod as-is for someone to look at? sadly, i am away from home until july but someone might be able to spare 10 to fin an answer
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    are you using some of your own custom meshes? it was already reported that it crashes the game first time it is run
  • thanks a bundle for replying guys, I was starting to think this forum was nearly deserted! sorry for being so late in getting back to you but i forgot to subscribe to my own post and didn't get the updates on my email.

    I was referring to a mod which I made myself. So to be more specific, apparently the chunks crash only in my custom made dungeon when I play the game.
    The dungeon is basically set like this:
    - a scroll portal leads to level 1 of the dungeon.
    - level 1 is made up of a single_room chunk, and is fairly small in size
    - from level 1, the stairs lead to level 2 which is made up of 4 chunks. There is not much variation because their order has been predetermined through the dungeon rules. So I basically have only four chunks for level 2 which interconnect and that's it.

    On first load with any new character, if the cmp and adm files have been removed, the game crashes always at the same points, namely:
    - when the scroll portal is used the first time
    - when the stairs / portal are used and the dungeon loads the first time
    - when in the dungeon and the character approaches a new chunk the first time

    The second time this happens, everything works okay.

    The dungeons are named to only show up in my specific dungeon only. There are no spawners or any of that thingamagick yet, level 2 especially is mostly just tiles.

    The chunks I'm using are crypt chunks and I'm using 2 way chunks, I am aware that 3 way chunks cause lots of problems, but with 2 way chunks there shouldn't be any issues.

    I haven't yet tried deleting the cmp and adm files in other modded dungeons but will give it a try.

    As for custom meshes, I wouldn't know, maybe that is my hint but I have to test this. The only thing I modified about meshes is recolor the texture maps of meshes already present in game, to do this I had to hex-edit the meshes so that the new textures don't replace the ones already in game. I will try and remove the edited meshes and see what happens. I'm not too positive though.
    There aren't any modified meshes on level 1, which makes me think that this is not the issue since when the portal is used the first time, the crash still occurs.

    I'd like to have someone look at my mod but I have to think about posting it heh... but maybe i will post it later after all

    [Edit] wouldn't there be a way to force torchlight to compile the adm and cmp files at will? instead of having to go through the game
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    before TorchEd was released to public there was a converter introduced:
    lazy compiling causes most of know problems with mods.. crashing, character animation being stuck and so on is cause of adm, cmp files being compiled 'on fly'
    I really thought everything will be compiled during that extra long (like 5 mins now) initial startup of game..
  • thanks for the link, hopefully this will be helpful. I will give it a try and see how it goes.
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    Map Merchant ; Random Talking NPC ;
    Rashnu's Tear Dungeon @ viewtopic.php?f=20&t=14861
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