Steam comes to Playstation 3...

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Steam comes to Playstation 3 and Torchlight comes too?? Do you think Torchlight will have a port for the PS3? Runic was one of the first when Steam was released for Mac. So is there a chance we will see it on PS3 sooner or later?


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    From what I understood, steam is only coming in the sense you'll be able to log in into your account and chat, not as a content delivery system, I'm pretty sure Sony wouldn't allow someone else to sell games on their platform.

    Also I don't think there will be a Torchlight port to PS3, it's not really suited for console gameplay.
    Besides, if they wanted to, they could have made one by now, they're not tied to steam.
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    Even if they plan on bringing the content deliver system over, it doesn't mean the games available on PC steam will be there. The developers of the Games themselves still need to Port the game over and that costs money. Runic is a PC dev, so they may have to license out again.

    Plus Torchlight Mac and Steam's release was only a coincidence. The Mac version of Torchlight could have came sooner if it were not for the complications.

    +ferdinand made a great point, No way will Sony allow a second digital distributor to cut in on the profits.
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    There is no connection between steam and TL. People don't seem to realize that there are completely different forms of code for each system, and right now, they have bigger things to worry about than a port to PS3. And if they do make a console port, i guarantee it will be to xbox first.
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    My guess is also to xbox first, although if they have a professional team doing ports it could be more varied.
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