[SKIN] WiP : Theo89's Destroyer of Khorne updated July 21st

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Going to make a full reskin of every armor set for the Destroyer, much like I have with the Vanquisher and Alchemist. Made this last night, a Destroyer of Khorne Is this a theme I should keep working on? Or scrap it, and make another theme? I'd love some second and third opinions.

UPDATE July 21:
Currently working on the Khornate Destroyer idea. Got all armors mostly done, and some effects.

I'm going for a gradual progession of [Marauder-Heavy Marauder-Chaos Warrior-Chosen] of the normal armors, and the uniques more like [Marauder Cheiftain-Chaos Champion-Exalted Champion-Chaos Lord]. So this is the leather armor, heavy leather armor and the talon set. All marauder so far.
And following are the rest of the armor sets. My personal favorite is the Vulture set. Click for a bigger image.
Keep in mind that this is a work in progress so these armors may be revisited.
Below are some images of spells I felt clashed with the armors.

Shadow Armor/Archer
Cast effect, followed by images of the shadow armor and archer respectively. Made to fit my sets.

Lowered the glow a lot as I felt it hid the character too much and was gaudy. Also changed the cast effect and tone of the shield to match the armors.

Simple recolor, really.

Soul Rend
This one I like.
Changed the effects in a big way, and replaced the spirit polearm with an axe more befitting a worshipper of Khorne. Crazy gore btw!

Titan Stomp
titan1.pngtitan2.png Lowered the flashiness a bit and replaced the glowing cracks in the ground with a crater. Made it look more like a dust shockwave from the impact than some energy effect.


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    It's sort of hard to judge if it's a good idea just from the starting outfit, since the armors usually have much more visual substance to them than the starting outfits (especially the destroyer's, since he doesn't have a shirt :roll:)

    I do like the Chaos-symbol back tattoo though. And based on the art one guy posted in the other thread, I'd say it seems like a good idea if that's the direction you're going in.

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    Theo89 wrote:
    Updated with lotsa new tasty images!
    More excellent work as usual! I think I'll have another run-through with a Destroyer just to use these armor sets :lol: !
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    Nice, the armors are looking good. The new spell effects are awesome as well.

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  • Wow this looks awesome, I am definitely going to have another play through with these skins when you release em. Sweet stuff :D
  • enemantikenemantik Posts: 492
    Looks absolutely fabulous. When/if this skin is eventually finished, I will give some serious thought for playing with Destroyer again. 8-)
  • Could you release the skin already? i see that the skin is at 100% progress though the animations are still on test i think? please we were waiting for the cool red tone of the set,, and for the total revamp of the armors its also cool though you need alot of workings on that project so atlease release the red skin first so we could try it out
  • OnikumaOnikuma Posts: 33

    wondering when these skins will be released? it looks like it's 100% done just there's no link for a download!

  • aekakuaekaku Posts: 21
    when ?
  • aekaku wrote:
    when ?
    i think this project was abandoned by the creator. no response from him at all.
  • emberember Posts: 259
    Pity he didn't finished :(

    For those that want something simmilar but probably not as good give this reskin a shot:
    http://www.runicgamesfansite.com/torchl ... eskin.html
  • OMFG, i think from this awesomeness i **** in my pants lol...

    This is So epic that i have fallen in love

    :twisted: Champion of Khorne shall return :twisted:

    ~P.S- u should also make armors for Nurgle... like.... it makes the player look fat... etc
  • damm... i think i should read all posts lol

    the guy doesnt even go on the forum ...
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