Damage Relation with Effects&Affixes?

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Hi there.

I don't kno if this is posted somewhere else, but I search around and found nothing about this.

Ok, hat I want to ask to about the relation between the damage of a spell and the values in the EffectEditor (in TorchED, I mean).

For example, I have created a new class skill called "Lesser Heal". It's a leveleable skill that heals the caster for a certain amount.
Right now, I dupe the "SPELL_HEALSELF" effect, and modified the "MIN" and "MAX" values.
The original "SPELL_HEALSELF" MIN & MAX are 1100, while my custom effect has 300 as MIN and MAX.

Testing out inside the game, the original skill heals me for 143 (i'm not sure, but something like that), and my custom heal spell heals for 29 (the first skill level).

The question is: how can I know the damage or effect amount a spell will have? Now I know that 300 in effects means 29 in real damage or heal, so 600 should be 58, and so on. But I want to know the formula to calculate such values, instead of trying to divinate them.
I think I read somewhere that there is a certain relation beteen those MIN & MAX values and the character stats, but i can't remember here did I read that or what's the relation.

Thanks in advance.


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