Range Destroyer

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I just started with him but I think it may work, I'm aiming for these skills:

Entropic Aura
Titan Stomp (If things come to close you just stomp them away)
Ranged Weapons Expertise (More damage on ranged weapons)
Frost Shield (Damage Reduction and good to get away because the enemy is slowed down)
Chain Vortex (Stun)
Critical Strikes (more crits)
Seismic Burst or Doomquake (as some additional dps)
Amor Expertise
Defensive Spell Mastery

I go for 3 Dex 2 Def each level and using a bow or rifle.

Im playing VHHC.


  • MindflayMindflay Posts: 4
    I chose Bowman over Defense Spell Mastery now. My pet has summon skeleton and frost spell now for an additional slowdown. 4 Dex 1 Def works better as my previous setup, better kill things before they reach me. I try to get to 100 % reflect also. Titan Stomp is really awesome.

    At the moment vh hc plays like easy mode with this setup.
  • This sounds like a lot of fun and I've considered doing this. Too bad it's not like Sacred where the attack skills changed their function with a ranged weapon equipped, Gladiator skill Hard Hit worked with a crossbow same as it would by a sword, I loved the flexibility of their skill system, too bad most of the skills were copied from character to character, bug I digress.
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    Report the spammer above, menmbt. Anyways I've never seen ranged destroyer before and it sounds crazy. Can't wait to try, thanks!
    I put the "DOOM" in "****."
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