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Please tell me this time its coming to consoles???? pretty please


  • azunakiazunaki Posts: 10
    i doubt it, and i really wouldn't want to play it on a console if it did. the engine they are using to my knowledge isn't compatable with the xbox or psn. and so they would need to change a lot. probably more then there willing to do at this time. they may make some console games in the future but don't count on anything soon.
  • wolfmanewolfmane Posts: 1,997
    I think that if it's popular enough and they can subcontract another team out to do so, like they did with the Mac port, I can see a conversion over to the console. I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you but there might be a glimmer of hope. There's another ARPG, Deathspank, that I've been watching that was developed for consoles and should be getting a PC port sometime soon. How that will turn out, I don't know but it's certainly possible to go in one direction; so I wouldn't expect it to be impossible to go the opposite direction as well.
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    I think they said before that they want Torchlight on consoles... I'm guessing they're just not having luck at getting it ported or something.
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  • StonerMk2StonerMk2 Posts: 109
    Honestly id buy this for both my PC and my PS3. One of my systems will outlast the other, and either way ill have TL. So id love to see TL come to both consoles, XB and PS, but knowing either company one would try for "timed exclusive" bullcrap, since TL is a pretty big game.
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