What's all this then?

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I haven't even gotten around to finishing Torchlight yet (or, I guess it's 'Torchlight 1' now) and you dudes and dudettes at Runic announce Torchlight 2? I'm going to have to finally finish the first game before the second comes out, I guess. Started many destroyers, never finished with one yet because I'm so indecisive about how I want to play him that I just scrap the idea and start over.

Okay, so it's settled then. Wolfgang puts away Bad Company 2 (was getting tired of it anyway) and Two Worlds (another game he's had for over a year but hasn't finished, although he's close on that one) and finishes the game with his Destroyer this weekend. Assuming he can find the time anyway. He will then refrain from referring to himself in the third person because it's kinda annoying. :geek:

Looking forward to TL2!


  • TanukiTanuki Posts: 2,205
    they are saying 1Q 2011, you got at least half a year still before TL2 comes out.
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