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Hey guys,

I bought Torchlight day 1 and was a huge fan. I can't wait for Torchlight 2 and will pre-order it on steam the moment it's available. I have but a single request for Torchlight 2. I know I know, if there is anything developers love it's getting told how to make their game from some **** on the forum, but it's cathartic so I'm gonna say my piece anyways. =P

I want better controls over the game's difficulty. I loved Torchlight, but I never finished the main campaign because my character became Godly and it was boring. I made a hard mode character but with phat lewtz passed on they too became Godly and it was again boring. What I would really, really like is the option to fight monsters of a higher level than me. That could be done any number of ways. In Diablo 2 for example you could easily skip ahead to fight harder, stronger monsters. In any MMO there is nothing to prevent you from fighting monsters of a higher level.

Unfortunately Torchlight 1 prevented you from fighting harder baddies. There were the side dungeons which were hard but fighting there had the side effect of making me stronger thus making the main dungeon yet even easier than it already was.

I would love the ability to skip floors as it's a **far** superior solution than adding 'very hard' or 'hella hard' difficulties imho. That said, there are any number of ways you guys can solve the problem, I just hope you take (if you haven't already taken) the time to do so.

Can't wait, cheers!

- TheWoods


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    They were talking about dynamic mobs that are stronger the more players there are, so as long as the base difficulty (or difficulties) are good then we should be set. Can't wait to make my "join my game so mobs are harder for me" games :P
  • "Can't wait to make my "join my game so mobs are harder for me" games"

    Oh **** that sounds terrible. Just let me check a little box when starting the game if I want it to be extra hard. Thats a far, far easier solution =P
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    How did you feel about Torchlight's Very Hard difficulty setting? Was it too easy for you?
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    There is a game called Din's Curse. It's a diablo type game. When you create a new game it allows you to pick the level of the monsters on the maps. You can have have monster 10 levels higher than you and if you want things easier you can spawn them lower than you. It's awesome. This would work well with the TL2 Multiplayer scheme. Plus allow us to choose easy, hard and very hard that works the same way it currently does in TL.
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    I think the current 'normal' in Torchlight would suffice for an 'easy' in TL2. Over and above that you could have a 'Nightmare' mode above Very Hard.
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    Why not just make the difficulty settings:

    Very Easy (same as Torchlight's Easy)

    Easy (same as Torchlight's Normal)

    Normal (same as Torchlight's Hard)

    Hard (same as Torchlight's Very Hard)

    Very Hard

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    too many choices can be confusing for new players
    shouldn't be hard these day to come up with only one difficulty shared for all and then MAYBE adjust monsters (HP, resistances, etc.) according to players success rate (number of deaths, spamming of health potions, ...)
    or game (with one difficulty) doesn't have to adjust anything - player will just have option to invite friend to help him clear tough levels
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    Dusho wrote:
    too many choices can be confusing for new players

    Which is why you clearly have descriptions on the difficulty menu.

    Very Easy - Good for relaxation
    Easy - A non-challenging introduction to ARPGs
    Normal - Recommended for new players who want a small challenge
    Hard - Experienced ARPG players should start here
    Very Hard - For players who have beaten Torchlight 2 on Hard difficulty
    Nightmare - Only a true master should even consider this option
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    I would like to see some kind of ultimate non-**** mode to challenge the most elite of players. It would have to be more than just more HP and attack though, perhaps it could be an unlock-able mode after you beat the game on Very Hard, and it gives all of the monsters new abilities, and shuffles them around a little (though not completely randomly, more like adding support monsters to different areas).
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