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Hello folks, just sharing a small & simple app. which you can use to quickly change your Torchlight font. Easy to use - just a few clicks of a button and your selected font is ready for display in Torchlight. Made this for my own personal use, then decided to neaten it up a bit and release it - hope someone other than me finds a use for it :lol:

Please note, this is an application. You don't need to install it in your TL Mods folder to use it. Just download "Torchlight Font Editor.zip", open it up, then run "Torchlight Font Editor.exe"

tick_icon1.gifPrettier interface
tick_icon1.gifRecoded for stability and speed
tick_icon1.gifSupport for more fonts
cross_icon1.gifMade in Taiwan


Torchlight Font Editor (v2.0)

Simple application used to change the font in Torchlight.


To set a new font:

To use Torchlight Font Editor, simply open the app then click "Choose Font", browse through the fonts installed on your computer, select a font then click Ok. If you are happy with your selection, click "Set Font" - your font is now ready to be seen in game.

To remove your custom font:

To completely remove all traces of the custom font, just click the "Remove Font" button.

Additional Notes:

x1.exe is an external function for Torchlight Font Editor which I coded in Autoit. It's used for organising, moving, renaming and deleting files and folders related to the Custom font.

Change the background graphic by clicking the '+' and '-' buttons, or by pressing the left and right arrows. Small feature to offer some variety if the images hurt the eyes.

Change the font colour by clicking the multicoloured bar along the bottom of the app. This does not change the font colour in Torchlight, it' just a feature to make the text clearer.

Settings.ini is used to store information about your font selection, the TFE GUI and the path to your Mod folder.

Autoit executables can sometimes cause false positives with Anti-Virus software.

The font size, colour and formatting are not relevant, nor applied in Torchlight - only the font 'design'.

Created and tested in Windows Vista. Apologies for incompatability or instability issues with other OS's.

Software released in good faith, use at your own discretion/risk, please don't sue me in the unlikely event that this program causes your computer to implode.

May it serve you well, thanks for downloading.



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