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What is he?

Closest thing to Ezrohir on Google is Elrohir which is Tolkien, "elf-knight, elf rider"

Is he a boss character or a mob type?


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    That's an easy one.

    Ezrohir is Elrohir's long-forgotten Bree-neck brother. Elrond wasn't trying to get Arwen to sail to the west to save her from being mortal....it was to make sure that lazy-**** brother of hers stayed out of trouble. Between being hooked on pipe-weed and mooning dwarves, he had come close to being arrested by the dunedan rangers for smuggling ent-draught to the shire inside an oliphaunts ****. They didn't talk about him much in Rivendell, and he was barred from Lothlorien, something to do with urinating in Galadriels phials.

    Nothing but trouble, that Ezrohir.
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