Problem with some tile pieces.

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I am having a very odd problem. I'm busy building a map which is going fine. I'm the kind of guy that places a lot of floor pieces, bridges, and steps before I go into 'detail mode'. Well, I went back to an area and started creating a little platform area which was nothing more than a set of steps up to a little platform and another set of steps coming back down on the other side. Created a little balcony area where I have a trigger that releases some monsters to drop down and attack. Pretty straight forward.

The problem is once I did this I can no longer walk up the stairs. My character stops short just before the steps on both sides. The things I've done to try and sort this out are:

1. Checked to make sure there were no tile pieces 'above' me that I couldn't walk under for collisions sake.
2. Same thing as one, but below me (not sure why, but just in case)
3. I moved the area in question away from the main floor, and found that I could move freely around the platform area again.
4. Once moved I started my character on top of the platform area, and found he can move freely.

The entire map is basically on the same 'plane'. The only time I have some collision turned off on pieces is to go through doors and such. I would post a screen shot, but I am currently at work. When I get home today I'll get a screen shot posted. Just wanted to hear if anyone else has run into these kinds of issues.


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    Post a screenshot of the area in question, then we can see which tiles you are using, what the map looks like, etc.
  • Strange that there are errors.

    In my new version some thing have changed.

    Im not done yet.

    If you dont like something in a level can you please say what so i can maybe change that.

    grtz. Levi
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