magic-oriented destroyer build?

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So I started a destroyer character. Reached level 10. Been putting 3 into strength and 2 into defense on every level up. using two swords and one attack spell. Doing well. Boring.

Next two or three levels, put 3 into magic and 2 into defense. Weilding two wands instead of two swords. Putting points into magic weapons expertise. Doing well, though can't use some spells. More fun.

Is a magic-based destroyer a valid (possible) build? Or will I encounter problems as my destroyer levels up?
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    It's viable. Spectral Echo builds use basic attacks, so wand/staff is fine. Only issue with Spectral Echo is that staff/wand is usually slow and you want the highest attack speed you can get (more waves flying).

    If you go Echo, switch to staff (Echo is based on DPS and single-handed weapons have about 50% less base DPS). Thorns aura is 50% magic/50% defense, so that scales nicely with a magic Spectral Echo build.
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    Spectral Echo is not available yet (need to level up more) but I did switch to staff. I also picked a skill from the spectral tab: I forget what it's called but a ghostly archer hovers above the player's head and shoots stuff. This works but I was surprised to see that staff is a close-up weapon, unlike wands: he runs up to enemies and waps them rather than shoots magic at them. It looks like destroyer has to be close-fighting only?

    I guess I'm trying to play the destroyer like a ranger-type (kill enemies from a distance) which is kind of not the point? :o
    The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.
  • Destroyer is generally a close combat type character. Other options are available, but I think the developers intent was that it be melee. Vanquisher is pretty much king of the ranged battle.

    With that said, many ppl have found ways to make each class fit into their own role. You'll find ranged destroyers and melee alchemists that have been successful. I'd say, play through to killing Ordrak one time and then get a respec mod and mess around with different combinations to see what you like best.
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