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Hi there,

I love character talent trees but what if we could create our own character types using a character editor? It hasnt really been done before and if skills were divided into tiers and perhaps have each skill weighed by a point system(so they cant choose only awesome skills to place in their talent tree's) it would make very interesting characters.

Regardless I know these guys are going to make an awesome game so what ever Runic Games does with Torchlight 2 they should know my money is on standby to buy it as soon as it comes out!


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    i believe runic already has something like this(and it'll be updated when T2 comes out), it's called TorchED...
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    It should be easy enough to create a new class, or character, granted you may need some experience with certain things, such as 3d modeling, coding, etc.
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    It would be cool if runic could release things that they feel didn't "fit" in the game as "optional expanded material" for editing purposes!
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