New Variety Pack WIP (2/11/11) - Attack Gorilla

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I have started up once again. Not much free time available so it's a little slow going, but as I make additions I will try to post updates in this thread. Once it is substantial enough I will release all items as a pack.
Note: more than likely this pack will not include any new models (next to zero modeling experience, so my models always look like ****), unless people want to join me in this venture to create a variety pack of game content.

- Blazing Fireball weapon added, along with icon.
- Invisible stalker spawnclasses added

- added icons for armor added 8/29/10
- added the **** hatchet weapon, texture, particle, and icon.

- Thanks to Dusho I go the barrel variety working :)

- 1 new death spell added

- 1 new wand added
- working on barrel variety
- 1 new chest armor added for Destroyer, Alch, & Vanq
- 1 new glove armor added for Destroyer, Alch, & Vanq

- 1 new sword
- added the "Invisible Stalker" monster

8/23/10 (home sick, so I cranked out a few items while I could stand it)
- 2 new shields
- 1 new axe
- 2 spells stolen from monster skills and given to the player (enhanced for player usability)

newskullsTL.jpg sksword2.jpg


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