Can I buy now?

gcollectorgcollector Posts: 2
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I guess this is a silly question, but can I pre-buy Torchlight 2 now? :D


  • WebbstreWebbstre Posts: 7,231 ✭✭✭
    I don't think anyone is offering it yet. You'd want to wait until the game is nearing release in any case, just in case one of the distributors has a sweet deal on it or something :P
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  • dratkindratkin Posts: 1
    I am a long time fan since the original Diablo and I would preorder as well.
    Thank you for the great games through the years. I really miss the grass roots gaming companies.
    Too much of the industry today is big business. I really think it hurts the quality of the games.
    It definitely hurts the FUN factor.
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