Respawn and Cleared Loot

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I was watching the gameplay vid in this thread when a question about multiplayer came to mind.

If you're playing multiplayer and there is another player in a different zone, do mobs respawn behind that player after a while so that by the time you get to the advanced zone there is something to fight, or once the zone is clear it's clear? Also if someone is fighting in a different zone with the loot system dropping loot specific to the players, does that mean that loot drops for you while the other player is clearing or does that only work if you're in the same zone as well?

Part of the reason I ask is if you are in multiplayer and someone is in a different zone clearing, if that zone is cleared out without any loot relevant to you and you happen to catch up, the only thing to do would be to jump out and either restart the game or find another game with that zone still intact so that you can continue to progress.


  • DushoDusho Posts: 988
    ye.. actually if you entered zone where some other dude was slaying monsters already, it's not getting re-spawned for you (unless there is some trigger that dude before you haven't triggered)
    I know I had to catch up with guy in order to have something to slay
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    I think respawning really only makes sense in a persistent world. Torchlight 2 is not persistent.
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    I agree that some mechanics could help this cause, I doubt we will see any big advancements in this arena for TL2 since. Like D2 if you join a game where someone already cleared out an area you wanted to go through you will probably have to exit and join a new game or start your own....
    Not sure how respawns will work in TL2 since in TL1 respawns happen after you load so many floors, which I don't think will work out correctly if 8 people are all on different floors....

    Will be interesting to see how this turns out........
  • wolfmanewolfmane Posts: 1,997
    Loot dropping whether you're in presence of that zone or not would also be interesting for those in favor of power leveling. I'm not sure where I sit on that issue, but thought it would be an interesting question to ask.
  • RaxiRaxi Posts: 41
    I really prefer that monsters do not respawn on a timed basis. But I of course want them to respawn when a new game is made. I don't like to feel rushed, and I also like to be able to clear out an area if I feel like it. Also, in multiplayer, I imagine people will generally be playing together, unless they want to specifically clear different areas, in which case it would be fine too without respawns. Plus you can always buy a map to a fresh random dungeon.

    This all brings back scary memories of the Hellgate: London Alpha, where I would slowly kill 2 demons with my weak low level character, on my bad computer, and as I was backing off, chipping away at the 3rd one, the first one had respawned and was ambushing me from behind! :)
  • cybrimcybrim Posts: 1,107
    Well the time should be lengthy and all the **** loot sitting around just wastes system resources but respawn/clear should be like 20 minutes...
    I am just trying to be fair, if what I say hurts you, you probably need to seriously evaluate what I said, break it down and realize I am not trying to insult you, Just explain things you probably didn't realize.
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