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Hi there!

I do not post much but I read a lot on this forum!

Well i've found the idea of scrolls of maps cool but i've feel it not to be used at it's full potential.
By this I mean that it could be cool to find unique maps!

It would still open a portal and it could have some color to say how hard it is before we open it.
As a reward i've thought about unique boss that have good drops depending of the difficulty of the map (considering multiplayer!) or unique chest at the end or a mix of both ideas. Or why not something else.
It could even have bosses that we fought yet in the campaing.

And those maps would be random loots!


  • JerichJerich Posts: 1,665
    Unique maps would be interesting. Nice idea.
  • AttackGorillaAttackGorilla Posts: 1,656
    True about maps, but I think the idea behind TL1 was that Runic was hoping the mod community would beef up the number of map scrolls. I would imagine this goes for TL2 as well, Runic will hope the mod community takes over for extra maps in the form of scrolls.
    I personally prefer them to people messing with the town by adding permanent portals and such.
    I would guess TL2 will be better supported by the mod community in this manner since it will be multiplayer...
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    I'm hoping they bring back the idea of random dungeon scrolls and maps from the first game. Would add quite a bit of replayability and a good night of fun to buy a map and go play with some friends for an hour or two.
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    Do you guys remember .//hack/sign ? I really liked how they had different word combinations to take you to different worlds entirely, maybe if some maps had a "rune word" combination (similar to how D2LOD's Rune words worked but with pregenerated word combos at different prices) for scrolls (or even an "unlimited book of map scrolls" $ 9,000,000! In which you could add any unique map you wanted and by opening the book you can scan through the map scrolls you have collected and use anytime you want as long as Portals are accepted...).
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