Saiyan Munk

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Before we start, I did indeed search through the forum, and couldn't find any related topic, which actually disappoints me, cause this could be a cool "funny" class mod to Torchlight :D

It's not exactly the Saiyan from the Dragon Ball anime, but I just figured that you could mix it with some other ideas and maybe, the outcome, could be great, depending, how you look at it.

This is the Ideas:

A reanimated Alchemist, with black (or just dark hair), with more like a material Art'ish outfit,

Cause of in the Dragon Ball series, where they only use fist-fighting, which I don't think could be implanted to Torchlight, I'll just used my imagination and thought of a fighting staff?

And for the skills:

Ki Blast - Sending an energy wave, which knocks back and damages all mobs, in front of the saiyan
Kamehameha - sending a light blue beam, which damages everything, which gets into its way(Could be much like the Ember Lance with the mana per second use)
Genki Dama - creating a massively large energy ball, when thrown, will deal AoE damage, but consumes a hugh amount of mana as well.
Gekiretsu Madan – fires a barrage of homing energy ****.
Zanzoken - Making

(For those, who know the anime, they also know that there is an ridiculous amount of transformations, so I just stick to Super saiyan and then restrict it to only be able to lvl up 5 times starting at lvl 20 and then for each 10th lvl)
Kaio-ken(turns his hair dark red) - Absorbing damage and faster cast rate for 30 seconds
Super Saiyan(turns his har golden Yellow) - Become faster, do more damage and get 50% more Health and Mana.

Sure it's ain't much, so please do come with more ideas, cause I think this could be a fun Class mod. :D

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