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Per request I bring you the fire, ice, and disco mummies. The disco mummy is a rare gem, but if you find him and if he likes you enough he might play you some funky music.

unzip and place full file structure into your %appdata%\Runic Games\Torchlight\mods or other folder based on your system.

Download: http://www.runicgamesfansite.com/downloads.php?do=file&id=541

quick video clip of the mummies: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CpoT4hfAoes

Music clip by ELO.

These mummies should show up on pretty much every level, though they are set to spawn infrequently so they are not around every corner.


I tested it, but only briefly, so please let me know if you experience any issues.


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    AG, that is almost as gay as I am, I love it! Definate download. Extra bonus nachos for the tune ^.~
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    Completely awesome! Thank you so much for this!
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  • lol, wtf? Disco Mummies? That's hilarious and awesome at the same time! :lol:
    ^ Nuclear weapons+Torchlight=MASSIVE OWNAGE! :mrgreen: ^

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    For some reason I'm not seeing these mummies at all but I did a clear with torchleech and still nothing!
    Are you sure you set him on every level? I'm not seeing them at all!
    Yo did say you did a small test but maybe its me I don't know :(!
    Like I said I cleared the cache with torchleech no conflicts were found betwwen your mod and other mods so unsure whats wrong. I tried it with 2 characters with no results!
    Also do you think you can combine this mod with your xgorrila monsters2 mod?
    Be nice to have 2 mods in 1 :)!
  • I can not guarantee they will show up in every level, but I tried to get them in as many as possible without spending too much time. To check if they are working create a new character and enter the mines, they should show up. Note that they will not immediately show up because their spawn chance is pretty low. The 2 mods will work together, but I do not plan on merging them because I personally see this set of mummies as novelty items and don't want to force everyone to see disco mummies in their game if they want to use my larger monster pack…
    The video shows that they do spawn in game, but if you are still having issues let me know (as I am running many mods on my computer, so maybe it is piggybacking on something else I am running)
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    Will do but if not can you up the chances they will show up?
  • just open the spawnclass files in the mod and increase the values for weight and min/max, etc. if you would like to increase how often they show up.
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    I have nothing to open up that file with what can I use? And which min/max are you talking about?
  • you can open up and edit the .dat files with Notepad, or pretty much any basic text editor. (ignore or delete the .dat.adm files as these are what get generated by Torchlight for use in game based on the .dat files for mods)


    Increasing WEIGHT will increase how often they spawn versus the weight of other monsters in the same spawnclasses. Basically if you want to double the chance it spawns, then double this number.
    MINCOUNT/MAXCOUNT will determine the minimum and maximum number of this monster to spawn when the game spawns them at one locations. So with the about min/max you could end up with 1 mummy spawning next to you and 2 or 3 spawning a few feet away. So if you want to ensure big packs of mummies roaming around then set min to 8 and max to 15 or whatever you want.

    When editing my spawnclasses MUMMY_F3 is the disco mummy and MUMMY_F2 is a combo of the fire and ice mummies.
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    Thanks AG and btw this is possibly my first steps into modding thanks to you!
    Also do you know where this is a written tut for modding cause i have ideas and maybe want to put them into action!
    I figured I'd ask you cause your mod are some of the best amongst other great modders in this awesome communtiy!
    Yes we have tons of great modders here on torchlight!
  • Thanks, I haven't really used any tutorials other than those that came with TorchED. All I can recommend is to poke around in the raw game files that come with TorchED to see how the files interact and see how other modders have done what they have down with their files...
    If you have specific questions just ask them in the mod discussion section or TorchED help section and usually someone will give you an answer if your question is specific enough.
  • goro3dgoro3d Posts: 277
    Will do :)!
  • goro3dgoro3d Posts: 277
    Haven't edited the files yet but I have been seeing mummies and those Disco ones are by far the best!
    To see a mummy alternate colors is just awesome!
    But also gave me an idea for a new mummy!
    Is it possible to make a rotating color mummy that switches from color to color no necessaily in a rainbow fashion.
    But just having them rotate color from color and really cool!
    Colors would be in no selected order Red,Blue,Purple,Pink,Green,and possibly Yellow maybe even Orange as well as Brown or whatever!
    If this could be done it would be really cool but I have no idea where to start but AG do you think you could try to do it?
    It would be called a STROBE mummy not to be confused with the disco mummy.
    Just a idea and if I could mod it I would and add it as a new monster but like I said no idea where to start!
  • Not that this is 100% impossible in TL, as the water has animated graphics, but as far as I know the PNG and DDS can not have embedded animation like a GIF would and I do not know if the .NET protocol (which I think is what they are using) can be told to change colors in the material file. I might look into it when I get a chance, which may not be fore a while. The only possible easy way to do this is to maybe set a particle to use the mummy mesh??? Otherwise I would need to look into how the water animations work and see if that can apply to materials for all unit types...
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    Now AG I am very satisfies with what you have done this far I'm just wondering how far modding will take this game!
    As for it may take you a while to look into it no problem dude take your time I'm sure when/if it gets done I'll be playing it soon enough!
    Again Thanks for reading my post and posting back I really do appreciate it!
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