Battle/Melee - Max'd Ember Storm- Stats?

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Wanna do a max'd Ember Storm melee Alch, but I'm not sure about the stat department... Ember Storms Electrical dmg is affected by Magic as far as I can see, and does 20% of weapons dmg as well. So question is... Str or Magic build? Wand / Shield for Magic or 2handed staves, or Str for Melee weaps / 2Handers. What would be most recommendable in the long run?

Max Crits, Magic / Melee weapon, Ember Storm... If str build, maybe maxing Infuse could work well?
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  • I have no input on your build thoughts but thought I would suggest, in order to help someone who *might* want to give feedback you include the difficulty and mode you plan to play, how far in level you plan to go and what mods you plan to use, if any, that affect game mechanics like damage output, scaling, etc.
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