Best weapon? Melee/summoner

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Well what is the best weapon for be a melee/summoner? 2dw or 2h or 1h+shield. imo i prefer 2dw but idk if is the best "option" for this class and build :ugeek: :ugeek:


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    It's all on what you prefer.

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    I like using staves, because I think they're, well, coolest. The safest option is probably wand/shield, since it lets you stay in the back while your minions get tore in with the defensive bonus of a shield.

    For staves, though, I use the Epic Pandemonium on my summoner mist, because the Magnus set is great and it gives +20% to melee damage, some ridiculous armor degraded, and +50% to minion damage. Legendary Druid's Core is also good because it gives a small bonus to minion armor and damage plus a huge magic find. I haven't found one yet, but an Epic Legendary Godhammer is probably the best weapon for a melee mist because of its completely ridiculous damage. It also gives a small bonus to minion armor.
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    I always think of it like this:

    Dual Wielding (Two Wands) = More Damage (via speed)
    Weapon/Shield (Wand/Shield) = More Defense
    2 Handed Weapon (Staff) = More Damage (via raw damage)

    Of course, this is just my generalization of weapons on any RPG; it could work out differently on Torchlight.

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