Can't get a bridge to work...

SolsticeFoxSolsticeFox Posts: 43
edited November 2010 in Levels
So, I've been toying about with TorchED, and I'm making a level that I'm trying to make seem like it's on a mountainside, with lots of bridges. Basic 'story' for the mod is that an NPC in Torchlight has asked you to check on a friend in the nearby mountains... (yay for the Townprops mod set). You get there without incident, but... big surprise, hordes of enemies assault you.

I've made a nice plateau, placed a cottage there with a cart and a few other things. It looks kinda pretty, actually, if a little sparse. My idea was to have a bunch of chunks that gradually keep descending farther and farther, or just a full preconstructed map.

Problem is, I made the second plateau, got a transition bridge to connect them... and tested it. I can't freakin' step onto the bridge. It just doesn't want to work, no matter the position. It looks like it should, but for some reason it just /does not want to work/. I can't step onto the bridge.

I'm not where I can test it out, but do I have to set the trim that borders one end to 'Collision - false'? Or is there something I'm missing?


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