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OK so i started playing Torchlight a few days ago and when i played a little with the Destroyer and Vanquisher then i decided to take a look at the Alchemist.I can say that i prefer to play with the Alchemist i just like the concept of the Battle Alchemist . The first thing i did when i logged with him is look at his skill tree :) I just want to plan out a build so i can start experimenting and see what comes out :D So i started to wonder if a Battle Alchemist will be imba if i use wands.I thought of them when i found out that they can do range and splash damage.So can you tell me the build will be imba if i use wands for a battle alchemist instead of melee weapons ? :|


  • Torchlight "imba" depends on the difficulty you play on. If you play on VHHC only 1 thing is imba: Dark Zealots.

    Second closest to imba in VHHC is the underlying mechanics of Destroyer that makes them so much more suvivable.

    Anyways, since you seemed to have done some research and used the term "imba", I would guess you plan to play Hard Mode or higher. In that case I don't see any skill as truely imba, only other skills that seem weak. In easier difficulties such as Easy or Normal, dual wands with certain skills may indeed seem imbalanced.
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  • Can you tell me what a Dark Zealot is ? I started playing on Normal for the first time but it seems way too east for me so i'll probably play on Hard.Thanks for the help :)
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    A Dark Zealot is a young lady of somewhat grayish (OK, very grayish) completion, with a dancer's build and a delightfully devilish tail.

    Their passion in life seems to be discouraging adventurers from meddling in the deep inards of the Torchlight Mountain, by turning them into smoking piles of poisoned, electrocuted goo.

    Dark Zealots are primarily casters, but they move relatively quickly for torchlight casters, and they react quite quickly to your character entering their area. They will often attack from just off screen.

    Dark Zealots have 3 main attacks, all of which are nasty, one of which is the worst 1-shot in the game.
    - They summon (or have around them) a group of Enslaved, small, fast, tenacious, poisonous skeletons. If these reach you, they are as deadly in melee attacks as regular skeletons, and have a poison component. They are smaller and slightly faster than regular skeletons, and harder to hit. Pretty fragile if you do hit them dead on. Oh, and they glow a bilious green. I think that there are 3 to a single summons.
    - They shoot a pattern of green homing poison bolts, about 5 per cast, that generally fan out across the target quadrant your character is in but curve back and all hit you at once. These have about the same range as a goblin chanter's fireball, are slightly slower, and are INDIVIDUALLY probably slightly less damaging (poison damage). But remember that at least 3 of them are going to be hitting you at once.
    - They have the deadliest range attack in the game, a bolt of Red Lightning (electrical damage) similar to a crawler's beam. It has the range to hit your character from well off screen. I don't know how much damage it does (and of course, it varies according to the level of Dark Zealot you encounter), but one of them can 1-shot a healthy character in moderate armor who is a couple of clvls above the level of the Dark Zealot, unless that character has gobs of Electrical Resistance. For the roughly mlvl 30+ Dark Zealots sho guard the final rooms of the Black Palace levels, it is generaly recommended that you amass ~350 Elecrical Resistance to have a chance of getting to Alric and Ordrak.

    Dark Zealots are pretty fragile, easy to 1- or 2-shot...once you see them. They often attack from just off the screen if you are standing still, and their gray coloring makes them hard to see against most of the Torchlight backdrops. Oh, and they tend to occur in groups of 2-3, up to 6 on the deeper levels.

    The one "redeeming feature" of the Dark Zealot's is that your pet, minions, and companioons know perfectly well to target them first, once you detect and engage them...which generally only leaves you to deal with the horde of Enslaveed that is now surrounding your Red Lightning-damaged character.

    I like them. They are quite cute, in a demonic sort of way, and they make one feel alive...briefly.

  • O_O ....****...Those are powerful...I can't wait to encounter one of 'em :D
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    Run from them, if you can. Draw them out, they tend to follow one at a time. Return in short wary steps, and try to land your first shot from the longest range you can get. Retreat and repeat.

    Putting up a Flaming Sword before you return to try to draw them out is pretty good, because they are fragile. While you draw and deal with the first one, the Sword may actually manage to finish off the companions.

    You need to draw and eliminate and recover from the Enslaved first though.

    All of this pre-supposes that you weren't killed instantly upon encounter by an edge to center multiple Red Lightning attack that came with no warning.

  • Thanks for the advice but i think i'll manage to kill them easily :)
  • Vanquish wrote:
    Thanks for the advice but i think i'll manage to kill them easily :)

    It's hard to kill what you don't know is there. ;)

    As long as you are playing softcore, it don't matter much. It's when you play VHHC that they become a freaking terror.
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  • Well i'm not a **** gamer.The only game i did on VH was GoW3 and on certain places it was **** impossible.When i remeber how angry i was(i was going to kill everything in my sight) i don't want to play games on VH :D
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