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Hi all! I'm relatively new to the game, love action RPGs and am very impressed so far with TL. My first character is a clvl 37 explosive vanq, and I'm now looking to try out a battle spec alchy after reading a bit about their abilities.

Right now I'm attempting to gather a gearset on my vanquisher to compliment this alchemist as I lvl, and so far have been favoring high armor/hp, resistances and str (I plan on playing VH, not ****) and avoiding things like +elemental damage, dexterity and mana. I'm also planning on using a sword/shield. Just wondering if there's any veteran battle alchemists who could attest to a high mitigation/tank style build working out in the later stages of the game, possibly give some advice on high priority skills to max first would be very helpful aswell :D Ty

p.s. I don't use any additional mods if that matters for your response


  • I've been trying to figure this out too. My recommendation is to check out You can look under sets for unique items. I think for low lvl battle alchemist the best set is Tlaloc's Ward [1-h sword/belt/chest/boots/neck] look around for a second weapon for dual wield, or a shield. Then you can combine it with whatever compliments your play style. You can also go with more defense with Raiment of the Hawk set [chest/gloves/boots] but it has a high defense requirement. If you can meet those requirements you can also mix and match Tlaloc's with Hawk's sets and just add a thing or two. But I wouldn't worry about equipment for your character until around lvl 5-6 which come fast.

    that's my 2 cents
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    gear doesnt represent a problem till you hit the dark zealots. So far there the real challenge of the game. And that is in the late 20's or early 30's depends on how fast you lvl up
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