3DS Max DXT5 Alpha Textures

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I`m having a few issues getting my Textures to be transparent. When i apply my texture to a matterial and place it on my selected mesh, the face displays the whole texture without making the alpha layer translucent. Can anyone point me out in the right direction please. I have been checking up google on finding a tutorial of some kind to figure out what i am doing wrong. So if anyone can help out i would appreciate it.


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    Are you having problems seeing the alpha in Max or upon export?
    PM me with what version of Max you have and any more info and we'll talk ya through this :)
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    I sent you a PM JBeck. Maybe it got lost in the huge amount of messages that have piled up on your account. Being a Forum mod is hard work.
  • gluemchengluemchen Posts: 1,033
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