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Made this modpack for private use first, but then thought others might enjoy it
as well.

This modpack is based on most downloaded Jarcho's Class Compilation v1.3, but
male characters and most pets are removed from selection.

It includes new classes:
-Enchantress v2.3 (Phanjam)
-Fury v1.0 (Eiger)
-Ice Queen v1.0 (Season)
-Kensai v1.9 (lothario)
-Lady Knight v1.03 (dusho)
-Paladin v1.4 (CCCenturion)
-Sorceress v0.1 (Gyro)
-Spirit Dancer v2.0 (Matt Nguyen)
-Valkyrie II v2.0 (Phanjam) - removed ponytail only

Other mods included:
-Vanquisher beauty (zik)
-Vanquisher hair golden blond (Onigiri)
-Vanquisher revealing armors - modified to use vanq beauty and vanq hair (7eg)
-Facelift (revility)
-Female Narrator (Phanjam)
-All Zealot Mistress skins I found - Queen Hatshesput, Zealot Princess, etc.
credits for them go to respective authors but I dont bother to find and list
them all here
-Big Vanquisher (made by myself)
-Respec mod (by Runic)

Note the Mistress size does not have impact on her strenght - all sizes are just
like the default cat or dog. Also, all females are considerably bigger
(about 130% of original) for you to enjoy them better :-)

Credits go to authors of respective mods. I also used Torchleech to check for
conflicts and mods.

* Replaced Enchanter with Enchantress
* Made Enchantress black haired with normal helmet appearance
* Updated Lady Knight
* Improved UI screens
* Made Imaginary Pet non-targettable
* Removed some unneccessary files

Download: click here


  • gamekillzgamekillz Posts: 264
    everytime i try to put it in the mods folder it shows this ! C:\Users\JustinsRoom\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Low\Content.IE5\LTS16KYZ\FemaleModV1.1[1].zip: The archive is either in unknown format or damaged

    EDIT: is this on torchleech? because i would like to try it out but don't have TL downloaded, because of recent space i had to claim back
  • the download is incomplete, mind re-uploading this?
  • RiwRiw Posts: 118
    If the download halts, just try again, or choose "continue download" from your download manager. It will download eventually. The file size is 52893949 B.
  • gamekillzgamekillz Posts: 264
    i tried re downloading again to see if the problem persisted, but now when i go back all there is is bigvanq and facelift, not all the other downloads that came with it recent;y, also problem still persists with the remaining downloads
  • Matanui3Matanui3 Posts: 1
    It says "Archive non readable. Would you like to try a password?"
  • AkuraAkura Posts: 56
    link is dead does anyone got a reup?
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