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Hi i recently started playing TL and i was wondering about the stats for alchemist.
I am going to make a hybrid caster/summoner alchemist.
so i was wondering if i should only put points in magic and defence or if i need to put points in str and dex, cuz i dont know if i need str and dex to use higer lvl armor and weps. any help would be nice :)


  • Just magic and defense should be fine for higher levels. I've only ever seen small amounts of strength or dexterity suggested for lower lvl armor and weapons so there's a bit more freedom in gear selection early in the game. At most it's only ever 20 points added to either from what I’ve seen.

    I think, in general, for a casting or summoning alchemist a 4:1 magic to defense ratio should work fine, especially with defensive mastery. I usually alternate levels adding all points to one or the other until defense is about 100 then I put all the points in magic from there on out which usually works out to more defense than 4:1 (much more) but I only play very hard so and like to play it safe plus I'm a pure summoner who needs much less magic.

    As a general rule if you find yourself wanting to equip items with magic and defense requirements, but no others, and you can't make the defense requirement even with 10 points in armor expertise then you need more defense. If your offensive spells have no magic coefficent, you can look the efficents up on the torchlight strat wiki, then more defense couldn't hurt either way really.
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