How do you hunt for sets?

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So, how do you search for your choosen sets? Any specific ways trying to collect a specific set, like buying ton of map scrolls, spending billions on gambling? Getting a lot of "+magic find" items? Or you're just lucky?

I suppose the 'luck' factor might be the fact, however, set items aren't that rare, at least i think so. For example, after like level 25 i've noticed blacksmith likes to sell some set stuff from time to time.


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    The blacksmith will sell some sets like Dragonslayer Aegis and such, but if you want one of the big-money sets (Graven, Magnus, Justice) you gotta find those on your own. If you want to try gambling, the easiest way to get good items is to talk to the gambler, place a socketed item in YOUR PET'S inventory, and hover over items in the gambler's inventory. If you hover over an item and see the sockets appear on your pet's item, then the item you're hovering over is socketed and is probably unique or part of a set. That's how I got all of Graven's. Loooots of that, and loooots of magic find.
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  • There's more too it than just the sockets though. Every item has a gambling icon as well so that must also match. In addition the attributes listed on the item in the gambling inventory must match so if your set item requires Level, Streength, and Defense then you only want to gamble socketed items (using the method posted above) that have the right icon and also list Level ?, Strength ?, and Defense ? in their requirements. You also need to be the right level which, in my experience, means the level listed as the item's requirement or one or two levels higher. Using all of these methods to mark items of interest and gambling at the right levels I usually, probably 90% of the time, get a unique or set item when I gamble. It sometimes can take quite a few trips in and out of town to get the combination of things you want on an item to gamble though.

    As far as I know 'rare' quality set items can be purchased directly from vendors but 'unqiue' quality set or non-set items cannot.
  • Wow! That's a huge advice.

    This socet thingy isn't any sort of cheating or something like that ? I mean, does torchlight coders know about it? :)

    btw. Can you explain about icons a bit? You're saying icons have to match, but as far as i see items have random icons and icon likes to swich once item is bought.
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    I think it would be easiest to just give an example:

    I want this item:

    I follow these steps:

    1. I need to know what the icon will look like in the gambling inventory. Using the link above I click on the small pair of dice under the 'other icons' list on the right hand side and the icon changes at the right from the icon that will appear on the identified boots to the icon that would appear while the boots are still in the gambling inventory. I see that these boots, in the gambling inventory, would have the 'white/brown boots' icon. (In my experience there are 3 kinds of armor icons white/brown, black/brown, and red/black).

    2. I go to the gambler and I look for boots with the 'white/brown boots' icon that require level, magic, and defense.

    3. I check the item to see if it has a socket by placing a socketed item in the pet's inventory and hovering over it. (This is almost certainly an 'exploit' of the socketing system since the items only behave this way if the item is in the pet's inventory, not the character's inventory or equiped on the character. If that bothers you then skip this step, your sucess rate in terms of unique items will go down a bit but you won't be 'cheating')

    4. If the item's icon and requirements all match what they need to be for the item I want and the item is socketed I buy it.

    I get this item:

    I know I'm doing something right because the item I ended up with has the same gambling icon and requirements but the level requirment is higher than the item I'm looking for so I try again. If it happens several times in a row, which it has, then I conclude I'm too high a level to get the specific item I want. So I level more to get to the right level to gamble the 'Epic' version of the item I want :D.

    I wish I had a better idea what the relationship was between the level requirement of an item and what items can be gambled at what character level. So far the sweet spot appears to be 0-5 levels over the items level requirement but that's just a guess. I don't know for sure.
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    In Soviet Russia, sets hunt you!
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  • Well... acutally i think tetracycloide's advices are so good that you can hunt sets even in soviet russia.
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    zaregor wrote:
    Well... acutally i think tetracycloide's advices are so good that you can hunt sets even in soviet russia.
    I think zaregor wins this round, doom.
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    I have been waiting a while, contemplating deeply how to reply to this... and here's what i came up with

    I put the "DOOM" in "****."
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    Neither of you can hunt anything in SOVIET Russia, except in some sort of period, retrospective game. <grin>

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    Oh also, you could just mod in or hack in some gold and use enchant never fails mod to amass tons of magic find on a set of items. Though i guess you meant how to hunt for sets within the parameters of normal game-play.
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