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Hi, guys. I just had some problems with my pet. I was playing earlier in the day and had fished up a Big Birdfish. I transformed my pet and didn't notice any problems. I left the game on for a long time (on the inventory menu) while doing other things and came back to play later. After killing some things and filling up my inventory, I tried to put items onto my pet so he could sell them. It wouldn't let me. I could still send him to town, but still could not store items on my pet. I tried quitting and resetting the system, but there was no change.

Storing items in the chest was fine, as was selling items. I went to look at the pet's inventory and on the left where it shows the pets stats, there was no pet. Just a black box (maybe since I changed him to the flying monster he was flying out of view?). He also had "0" for all his stats and it also said he had no spells equipped. However, when playing the game, he would still use Heal All on me, and I believe I saw him cast Frost, so he seemed to be somewhat okay in that he could still use the spells I had taught him.

After messing around a bit more, I got a Big Webfish. Since I still couldn't see his stats/spells and still couldn't store items, I decided to try that out to see if it would fix him. Now I can store items on my pet again. Also, looking at his inventory, I can see stats (0 str/dex, 10 mag/def, 1800 hp, 150 mp. I am unsure what his stats were before, but my character level is 26, so if that seems right then hopefully it didn't reset his level).

The main problem now is that it still says my pet has no spells equipped, and he is no longer healing me. So, it appears his spells have been wiped. Do you guys think this might be an xbox-only problem? Or have there been similar reports from PC users?

Hope this helps. My poor pet :(

Ok so I tried something else. It was going to take forever for the Big Webfish to wear off and I wanted to see if the effect would wear off and he'd be his old self again. So I went fishing again and fished up a basic Muckfish (much shorter duration) and fed it to him. After it wore off, I checked my pets inventory/stats again. It now shows the Heal All and Frost spells on the screen, and now has 1920 hp. After sitting on spikes, he used Heal All on me. So I am happy to report he has his spells again.


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    Good job and finding and fixing. I think as well as you should know, it was a spawn problem with that fish type, and I would suggest a retest and dont save this time, lol.
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