Acheivement not unlocking

TaterTater Posts: 3
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Could I get some details on what I need to do to unlock the enchant 5x & 10x acheivements? I'm quite sure I've enchanted one item at least 5x in a row without missing or losing an enchantment.

Thanks for any info- love the game.


  • SirLOLSirLOL Posts: 46
    Ya the game is great however, on your concern, from what I know, you need to keep your GT updated, and you might have to 'unpatch' the game to get said achievments. I have an alt gamer tag and thats what I did. Of course I never had the problem. XBL will tell you to recover your gamer tag.... I HAD an item with so many enchants on it it was like 80+% to fail... and a level 1 could use it and it did something like Idk 640 dps... One handed eagle pistol I think...x2, lol.
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