Possible missing spells : Indentify and Town Portal?

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So I made a thread about these two possibly not being in the game a little after the game was released, and thus far I'm still thinking that they've yet to be found according to other players comments as well. I remember reading that the only things omitted from this version of the game were the secondary weapon sets, but never heard anything about Identify and Town Portal Spells being taken out as well. Were these two removed? Or have we just been VERY unlucky when it comes to finding them???

Not a big deal, but kind of wanting a bit of clarification on the matter. :-)

Here's a link to my original thread validating that others have noticed this as well...


Thanks again folks!


  • Hit level 30 today, and I haven't seen the Town Portal spell either. I was also wondering if it just wasn't in the game. I'm currently carrying around 70+ Town Portal scrolls, just from loot, but would like to know if I can stop checking the merchant every time I go to town for it.
  • DraccDracc Posts: 25
    Run through the game multiple times, and am working on a lvl 60+ character... never seen either of those. Also, werent there supposed to be XBLA exclusive items as well?
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    How could they be exclusive items if they were already available on the PC and Mac versions?
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  • I think Dracc's post was two separate statements, I don't think he meant the Town Portal/Identify spells were exclusive.
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    The xbox exclusive was the third pet, I believe.
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    Based on how frequenlty PC gamers have run into these spells (they are rare but not that rare) and also based on the amount of hours I've put in the XBLA version of torchlight (100 hours now) and that I check the store EACH time I portal back (and I portal often), I believe that these spells are NOT in the XBLA version.

    I have come across other rare spells though, like poison cloud and aloe vera gel, just not the identify/portal.
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    Sounds like a reasonable conclusion.

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  • DalmonDalmon Posts: 122
    I agree with ya guys, I've found Poison Cloud, Summon Aloe Gel and Summon Blood Skeleton, but no Identify or Portal. I think they've been omitted. All good though, I'd rather have 4 other spells after thinking about it.
  • DraccDracc Posts: 25
    Yeah, same here... Found aloe gel and poison cloud, no identify/TP. As for my post about exclusive items, I found out which sets were added to the 360 version, so my question was answered.
  • WolfieWolfie Posts: 11
    Wait, I spent 4 hours last night running in and out of dungeons to get the spell vendor to refresh trying to get portal and identify to show up and they don't exist? Seriously? I just started TL on the xbox (still doing trial until I get by a GS to get a code) so i was trying to get it to pop so I could drop it in my shared stash.

    I don't see them as rare at all on the PC. I have seen them on 4 different PC characters and they show up fairly regularly at the vendor.
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