Salish Native Language Mod

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I'm working on a language mod for Colville / Okanagan, one of the Salish languages of Washington State/BC. Swapping texts & sounds is simple, but I'd like to have some extra audio not already in the game, like having some of the random NPC speeches with audio. For example, I'd like to have the little boy and girl have audio along with their little sayings. Thing is, I can't see how that can be done, given the way the quest data is structured. Is there a way to modify current quests, or make new quests to get random NPC dialogs with audio? It doesn't have to be elegant, any workable kludge will do. Any help would be much appreciated.

James Parkin

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  • ZiddersZidders Posts: 14,360 ✭✭✭
    Wow...really? ..This is so cool! I hope someone here can help. Please let us know how this mod comes out, I would be really interested in checking it out.
  • JamesDPJamesDP Posts: 11
    I appreciate the enthusiasm, but maybe you could spread the word to other modders, too? It's not actually of highest priority, just one thing on a wish list. We expect to have the largest part of the new text and audio inserted by mid-April, but we'd like to open the door to more elaborate modding after the basics are done.
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