Character gone?

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I have successfully completed the main story quest with the Vanquisher and managed to get her to level 36 through said main quest, however after doing 4 floors of the endless dungeon (Shadow Realm) I quit to the main menu and the auto save kicked in like it should but my character has vanished like the bug with the PC version? There is nothing there but the new quest option. I wonder if anybody else has suffered this? I am not happy because I have spent a fair few hours getting my character this far and gained some excellent loot along the way only for a bug to delete my character. So do you know about this and will anything be done to remedy it?

EDIT: I have just lost my new lvl 15 Alchemist as well due to the same bug. This is beyond a joke! How many more characters will this stupid sodding game delete just by going back to the main menu? This needs fixing as soon as possible!


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    Back up your saved games on your pc. I told microsof I have to do that now because of thier stupid tech suport cost me data loss going all the way back to 2002. Game colloctor+ multiple saves for each game+ 8years....= alot of data loss. If they give me a hard time for that, I will call my lawyer...
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